WVCSD Superintendent’s Spotlight: Chloe Jarrous


WVCSD Superintendent’s Spotlight: Chloe Jarrous

February 29, 2024

Warwick Valley High School senior Chloe Jarrous serves as President for both the WVHS Robotics Team and the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society. She enjoys her role as a Wildcat Ambassador, helping incoming freshman and their families get to know and feel welcome in the high school. Chloe competes with the high school Orange County Academic League team, and makes regular appearances on the Honor Roll, the latter of which has earned her a place in the National Honor Society (NHS). Chloe enjoys the opportunities she has through both NHS and Mu Alpha Theta to tutor younger students.

Chloe received a 2023 National Hispanic Recognition Award from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, and she is currently in the final round of consideration for a GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship, which offers renewable scholarships for high school seniors nationwide who display leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship. Chloe seems to love a challenge and challenging herself, as you might surmise from hearing about her ambitious-is-an-understatement spring schedule.

“So, I’m taking AP Calculus, AP Physics… oh, man, there’s, like, three brave people in that class,” Chloe laughed. “So, yea, I’ve got those for math and science, and then I’m taking AP Government, AP Literature, computer science, and Spanish.”

The heavy math and science presence in her schedule is indicative of Chloe’s aspirations for the future. She is already accepted to Northeastern University (Boston, MA), and is hoping to break into the either the aerospace or mechanical engineering field.

“[Northeastern] gave me a scholarship, and I got accepted into the Honors Program,” said Chloe. She also said that she intends to stay active with co-curricular type activities in college. “So, engineering is where I want my job to be one day, but while I’m in college, I also want to get a lot more involved in different student organizations that promote diversity and inclusivity.”

Chloe shared that she would specifically like to play some role in getting more women involved in STEM-related fields and increasing the visibility of women in STEM roles. Inclusivity is important to Chloe, especially inclusivity in education, which she talked about in her finalist essay for the GE-Reagan program. She also addressed two other core values, having compassion for others and being adept at collaboration.

“[My essay] talked about world issues that I’m passionate about, like the hundreds of school shootings we’ve had,” said Chloe. “Is anything being done? No. So, I made suggestions on fixing world issues and shared my personal stance on them, which is that we all need to work together to make a better world.”

Chloe said she picked up her worldview from her mom.

“Ever since I was little, she’s always told me stories about history, especially about slavery in the United States, and how, in the past and over time, horrible things have been done to people,” Chloe shared. “She’s always ingrained in me that we need to be aware of our history so that we don’t repeat it. That’s why I feel like we need to work together on not hating each other.”

Chloe is looking forward to graduation and the adventures that follow in college. She doesn’t have any regrets about packing in as many learning opportunities as she has during her final few months at Warwick Valley. That said, she does offer this advice to younger students:

“Don’t pressure yourselves too much to do well. Have fun with your high school years, so you can remember them in a good way,” she said. Then, added quickly with a smile, “But… if you can do it while taking AP courses, that’s how you want to do it!”


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