Senior Project Paper Requirements

Senior Project Paper Requirements

English 12 SP

These are the official requirements  associated with the Senior Project paper. Keep this sheet handy at all times while writing your paper. Prior to handing in your first or final draft, ensure all requirements listed below have been met.

I. Length of Paper/Paper Value

  • 8-11 pages, 35 points

II. Format of Paper

  • 12-point font only
  • Times New-Roman font only
  • Paper is double-spaced
  • Must contain student’s information at the top left-hand corner on the first sheet (name, Senior Project Paper, first or final draft, due date of paper)
  • Student’s last name and page number are inserted as a header in the top right-hand corner beginning on the first page
  • Margins are to be the default settings only, whether in Word or Google Docs. Do not alter the margins to make wider or narrower
  • Stapled at the top left-hand corner
  • There is not to be a cover page nor is the paper to be placed in a plastic folder

III. Content of Paper

  • Is to be an argument paper; no “history of…” content
  • Is titled based on the paper’s content
  • Must contain researched evidence that supports the claim made in the thesis statement
  • Must distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims
  • Must contain an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion
  • Must follow MLA format
  • Must have in-text citations, properly formatted
  • Must contain a works cited page

IV. Specific Senior Project Requirements

  • Paper must be collegiate level
  • Paper must contain a minimum of 10 sources
  • One of the sources must be a primary source, which is an interview with an expert in the area addressed in the research paper. His/her comments are included in the body of the paper through the use of quotation marks
  • Works used in the paper must display a mix of sources, including online databases, scholarly/peer-reviewed journals, credible magazines and newspapers, books, and films of an erudite nature (i.e.: documentaries)