Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Olivia Nosarzewski


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Olivia Nosarzewski

June 30, 2023

Warwick Valley High School senior Olivia Nosarzewski is probably best known for her musical talent on the violin. She was one of three seniors chosen to perform features during the WVHS Spring Orchestra Concert.

Olivia’s skills, however, extend well beyond music. She was also a key member of the WVHS crew team that won a state championship. Additionally, Olivia has served on the Warwick Ambulance Junior Corps the past two years and is going to college to become a Physician Assistant.

Olivia started playing violin in third grade after her uncle let her try out her cousin’s old violin.

 “I was playing some strings and he said, ‘You definitely have a talent kid.Take this violin home and have your parents get you some lessons.’ He was definitely lying to me, but that’s when I started playing.”

Olivia was one of the best violin players in school her entire career, routinely earning (New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) and Orange County Music Educators Association All-County honors. 

“Olivia has been an amazing student from the time I had her in fifth grade,” WVHS music teacher Elissa Maynard said. “She’s always been a leader and concertmaster. She’s run rehearsals for me, and I’ll come back and the objective was met. She’s just been a gift.”

In her final WVHS concert, Olivia played “Schindler’s List” for her senior feature.

“I picked a piece that was meaningful to my family,” Olivia said. “My grandparents still live in Poland, and my father’s side of the family was in Poland during World War II. I wanted to play something that was reminiscent of my family in Poland.”

Another highlight of Olivia’s senior year was winning the New York State Scholastic Rowing Championships with the Warwick Crew Girls Varsity Straight Four. She found that her musical training helped her keep the crew team in sync from her position in the stroke seat.

“I set the pace in a race and make sure we have good rhythm,’” Olivia said. “I had rhythm drilled into my brain with a metronome (for music) since I was little. Keeping everything in time makes music work as it should, and makes crew work too.”

Olivia said that many people underestimate how technically and physically difficult crew is.

“No sport needs teamwork as much as crew,” Olivia said. “If everyone’s oar is not in the water and out of water at the same time, you’re not going to win anything. You’re also in tune with nature. Even when your legs hurt and you think you’re going to die, you still have a pretty view to look at.”

In the fall, Olivia will be attending DeSales University in their 3+2 Physician Assistant Program. After five years, she will have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree and be ready to take the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination. The honors-type program is designed for high-achieving students who are confident in their career choice who enjoy the challenge of rigorous scientific studies.

Superintendent's Artist of the Week Olivia Nosarzewski

Warwick Valley High School Spring Orchestra Concert


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