Discipline and Behavior

Discipline and Behavior

A complete copy of the Warwick Valley School District Code of Conduct is available on the district website, www.warwickvalleyschools.com.  This Code has been adopted by the Warwick Valley Central School District Board of Education and submitted to the New York State  Education Department as required by law. 

The Code applies to all students, school personnel, parents, and other visitors when on school property (including school buses and vehicles) or attending a school sponsored function.


Park Avenue’s PBIS has come up with ROAR – 4 short rules that we expect everyone in our Park Avenue School Community to abide by. They are:

  • Respect
  • Outstanding choices
  • Acceptance
  • Responsibility

Here at Park Avenue, it is our goal to make the understanding of ROAR as clear and easy to understand for all children.  What you will find on the matrix, is what each of these rules actually looks like in various places in and on the school grounds.  In a positive manner, the matrix tells the children what to do and how to behave in order to abide by these four rules in the various areas of the school. The matrix (and/or portions of the matrix) will be posted in each classroom in areas around the school.

Please take the time to go over and review this matrix with your child(ren).


One of the most important parts of the PBIS system is that the behavioral skills and expectations are taught directly to the students.  This way the children know exactly what is expected of them and how they are to behave.  ROAR lessons will be taught to the students the first week of school in September and then reviewed again as necessary upon returning from the winter break in January.  Students needing additional lessons in order to demonstrate mastery will be given those lessons as needed throughout the year.


Research shows us that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to not only change problematic behavior, but also to encourage and maintain appropriate behavior.  Another component of the PBIS system is the use of consistent positive reinforcement to celebrate students’ success by giving them a golden ticket.  Golden tickets will be placed in the appropriate grade level containers found in the main office before the end of the day each Friday.  One student name from each grade level classroom will be announced on Monday morning each week and students will get the opportunity to choose an incentive from the weekly incentive basket.

The last Friday of the month, one ticket will be drawn from each grade level from the month’s cumulative tickets. The winners will have the opportunity to choose from the monthly prize basket and/or the bulletin board selection of certificates.

In order to recognize our students’ positive behavioral choices, Park Avenue students will be treated to a school-wide celebration three times during the school year.  In order to have continued reminders of our PBIS school wide program, students and staff will be encouraged to wear purple and/or gold on Friday’s each week to show their school spirit.


Even with teaching children our expectations, offering pre-corrections or reminders of our positive reinforcement system, some children will still misbehave.  For those instances, the Park Avenue Staff has designated the ODR (Office Discipline Referral Form).  This form is in line with the district behavior code infractions.  The form will also help staff be more consistent not only with enforcing our ROAR behaviors, but also in taking corrective action when children who have disobeyed the rules.

Before an ODR is filled out, teachers will try to manage the situation through regular classroom management.  Students are expected to fill out a “Think About It sheet”.  If the behavior is extreme or if it is a second or third offense, an ODR will be filled out.  At that point, the student will be called to the principal’s office for a discussion.  Parents will be notified.

Our goal is to teach the children replacement behaviors in order for all children to work in a school environment that is safe, fun, free from distraction, and allows all children to reach their maximum learning potential. 


View/Download K-2 “Think About It” sheet


View/Download Grades 3-4 “Think About It” sheet


ROAR chart


  1. Students are to stay within the boundaries of the play areas.
  2. Climbing trees is prohibited.
  3. One person at a time may occupy a swing; and students must sit while swinging.
  4. No hard ball may be used on school grounds during the school day.  The only balls permitted are those issued by the school.
  5. No play involving tripping, wrestling, hitting, or throwing another to the ground is permitted.
  6. Throwing of snow balls, stones, or other objects is forbidden.
  7. No knives, cap pistols, edged tools, or other objects capable of inflicting a wound should be brought to school.
  8. Students must follow monitors’ directions and rules at all times.


  1. Children may not change buses except in an emergency situation.  Any emergency change must have prior approval of the Transportation Supervisor.
  2. Children will not be allowed to get off the bus at any other than their regular stop without written permission by a parent or guardian to the principal.
  3. While waiting for the bus, children should stay out of the road and wait without pushing and shoving.  They should not wander onto private property.
  4. As the bus approaches, line up at least 6 feet off the road, and do not move toward the bus until it has stopped and the driver has opened the door.
  5. Children must remain seated while on the bus.
  6. Heads, arms and hands are to be kept inside the bus.
  7. Nothing is to be thrown from the bus.
  8. Eating is not allowed on the bus.
  9. Loud talking and distracting noises are prohibited.
  10. Help keep the bus clean.
  11. Obey all directions given by the driver.
  12. Students should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving  their seats to exit the bus.
  13. Students who must cross the street when leaving the bus must do so in front of the bus.

A child who repeatedly misbehaves on the bus will be reported to the principal through the use of a bus discipline report, filled out by the bus driver.  Upon receipt of the first such report, the principal will speak to the student and notify the parent.  A second discipline report may warrant a conference with the student and parent.  Should a third report be received, the student’s bus privileges will be suspended for up to five days, after the parent is notified.