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Facilities Committee discusses potential capital project work that may be placed before voters in 2024
December 20, 2023

The Warwick Valley Central School District Facilities Committee met on Thursday, December 14, to discuss the necessary capital improvement work that was identified by the District’s Engineer in the current Building Condition Survey that will need to be addressed in the next couple of  years. They also discussed the potential for a capital project community vote in 2024.

Work the committee is considering includes replacement of some roofs on buildings, hardening of internal and external doors and windows in buildings to prevent intrusion, and replacement of the main electrical panel at the high school.

The district has been making ongoing efforts to replace older roofs or sections of roofs of its buildings. The roofs that are in poor condition and need replacement include a partial roof at the high school, a partial roof at Park Avenue Elementary School, the full Pine Island building roof, a partial roof at the Kings building, and the roof over the school district offices.

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