WVMS Wildcats tout teachers with personal jersey honors


WVMS Wildcats tout teachers with personal jersey honors

September 20, 2023

My Jersey, Your Impact is now in its third year!

The WVMS Wildcats modified football team introduced the gratitude and recognition campaign in 2021 as a way to publicly say thank you to the teachers they appreciate most, and to share the reasons they feel that way.

Students have enjoyed the process of taking the time to reflect on their teachers and their classes, and the ways that they have shaped their middle school careers and contributed to them being the students they are today. 

Throughout the WVMS Wildcats 2023 season, we will be sharing two players’ salutes to two teachers each week.

This week, we have…

Jake Hernandez
Running Back

Jake is one of our returning players, and has been a real difference maker on the field for the Wildcats. Jake shared his jersey with science teacher John Gouveia.

“I haven’t always been good at science, but Mr. Gouveia made it interesting and exciting,” said Jake, “Now, I’m in honors science!”

For showing a passion and dedication that motivates his students, Mr. Gouveia will be displaying #15!


Holden Corday
Left Tackle

Another returning Wildcat, Holden chose to give his jersey to ELA teacher Amanda Wright. Holden said he immediately connected with Ms. Wright’s sense of humor, and, while they do enjoy lightly roasting one another, he really appreciates the trust that Ms. Wright builds with her students. 

“Even though I know can always have a good laugh with Ms. Wright,” said Holden, “I also know that she’s there to help me with anything I need.”

Ms. Wright will be displaying #53 for, among many things, making ELA tons of fun!

By the way… Mr. Gouveia and Ms. Wright are both repeat honorees!


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