WVHS seniors sashed for completing Senior Projects


WVHS seniors sashed for completing Senior Projects

June 9, 2022

Fourteen WVHS seniors completed their 2021-2022 Senior Projects!

Senior Project Team Leaders Jeanine Fogler and Nick DiLeo hosted a dinner in the lobby of the High School on Tuesday evening for the students and their families. The meal was followed by a short presentation and sashing ceremony in the auditorium.

Both Ms. Fogler and Mr. DiLeo noted the group’s creativity, as well as the camaraderie they have developed from the first day they spent together this fall, which you can revisit in this story. A great example of this happened on Monday afternoon, as the students were presenting their final boards to panels of judges made up of WVCSD faculty and administration. 

View a Senior Project slideshow after this story.

“They all agreed they were going to meet here at 5:00,” said Ms. Fogler. “It wasn’t a rule, wasn’t part of the plan, they just — as a group — decided to show up here together and support one another. This is how it’s been all year with this incredible group of seniors.”

There were three separate panel sessions of 20+ minutes each. In another show of support, after each group completed its session, the students waited in the lobby until all of their Senior Project peers had finished. The high fives and hugs were bountiful, and the pride and relief were palpable!

View a Senior Project slideshow after this story.

Congratulations to these seniors for receiving sashes this year!

  • Maya Bieling
  • Nicholas Cicchetti
  • Kieran Currao
  • Erin De La Mota
  • Erin Eicher
  • Elijah Jean
  • Max Kruger
  • Aurora Legris
  • James McCullouh
  • Silvana Montalvo
  • Yirshalem Pinkus
  • Isabella Pizza
  • Shaaz Rizvi
  • Gregory Saucedo

You can read more about each of their projects and the students’ mentors in this story from earlier in the year.

The Excellence in Senior Project Award went to Isabella Pizza. Isabella’s 50-pound sculpture (created from recycled metal and other found materials) will soon be displayed at the Seligmann Center in Sugar Loaf.   

Senior Project is a nationally recognized program that offers students unique independent study opportunities that are a combination of project-based learning, real-world experience, and professional networking. Participating students must complete the “4 P’s.”

View a Senior Project slideshow after this story.

The Project: What each student chooses to study, and goals they set to accomplish with their mentor.

The Paper: A collegiate-level paper, seven to 10 pages in length, on their topic, which presents the students’ knowledge of their topic, including findings and outcomes.

The Portfolio: This piece chronicles each student’s process, including documentation, correspondences, photos, and anything else related to the project.

The Presentation: Students give an oral presentation on their topic and outcomes to a panel of judges drawn from the District and the community.

Great job, everyone! Interested in Senior Project? Contact Ms. Fogler (mfogler@wvcsd.org) or Mr. DiLeo (ndlieo@wvcsd.org).


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