Warwick Valley Artist of the Week: Geoffrey Hall


Warwick Valley Artist of the Week: Geoffrey Hall

October 3, 2019

‘Never give up. In the music or acting business, it’s patience and all the auditions you can go for. You have to go out for everything you can.’

If Senior Geoffrey Hall’s five-year vision of what he’ll be doing with his life becomes a reality, he’ll be a successful voice actor and vocalist.  

With tenacity and grit demonstrated in all that he’s done as a Warwick Valley student, don’t be surprised if that actually does happen. That’s because he’s devoting all of his time to perfecting his craft in and out of school.

Noreen Hanson, his music teacher, describes Geoff as an active and talented musician.

Geoffrey Hall“He loves to sing and participate in many musical groups both in high school and the community,” she said, adding he’s “a really snappy dresser.”

A member of exceptional musical groups 

These groups include The Meistersingers, Wind Ensemble, Drama Club, Jubilate Youth Choir and the high school’s newly formed Jazz Choir (Geoff’s a founding member).

Plus, Geoff’s been a member of the All-County and Area All-State ensembles for all of his high school career. This year, he was also named to the baritone section of the 2019 New York State School Music Association’s (NYSSMA) All-State Mixed Choir.

And, in addition to all of this, Geoff — an honors student — is also a pianist. 

These are among reasons he is this week’s Warwick Valley Artist of the Week. 

With his parents’ support, Geoff is putting a temporary hold on attending college to pursue his dream.  

“I want to do voice acting or voice overs for animated features or record voice and then have it animated,” he said.  “I’d also like to do dubbing (also known as language replacement) for foreign language films. For that, you have to change the dialogue a bit to make sure everything fits right with how the actor looks to be speaking.”

Geoff feels this planned career choice blends what he loves to do the most: sing and act.

“I’m a vocalist,” he said. “But I’m also an actor. I thought maybe voice acting would be fun. It’s a passion of mine. When I was growing up with my siblings, I played video games. I liked hearing the voices. Many times, voice acting can carry the video experience.”

Geoff’s interest in music was strengthened in middle school when a friend “dragged me” into a guitar club meeting.

His voice matters

“As a member of the guitar club, I was a vocalist and played the piano,” Geoff said. “My advisers helped me to realize how my voice matters to me and how much fun it was to express myself.”

Geoff is emphatic about why music is important to him.

Geoffrey Hall“When I’m having a bad day, I go up in my room and jam out,” he said. “I have a piano and drum set in my room. I can unload my emotions. It’s a constructive way to release pent up aggression or stress. Plus, I entertain people with my music. I love to see the look on their faces when I do something radical.”

Being a musician has also reinforced some key personal things to Geoff.

“It’s taught me that I like ‘me time,’” he said. “I don’t need to be around people 24/7. It’s also taught me that I really enjoy being home with my dogs and family and relaxing with music.”

But there’s other life lessons, too.

‘There’s always ways to improve.’ 

“Never give up,” he said. “In the music or acting business, it’s patience and all the auditions you can go for. You have to go out for everything you can. I’m trying to get a hold of that and not let my determination go away. I also know that if you don’t get accepted for something, think about what you can do to improve so you will be better. There’s always ways to improve.”

Geoff’s five-year vision of being a successful voice actor and vocalist also includes repaying the kindness and support his parents continuously show him as he pursues his aspiration.

“If I make it big, I’d get my dad that cool garage he’s always wanted,” he said. “And for my mom, I’d make sure she has all the added additions she wants to our house.”

Geoff’s dream also includes one other desire.

“I’d love to be starring in a movie with Keanu Reeves,” he said. “He is breathtaking. But, I’d also tell him that I’m breathtaking, too.”     


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