Sanfordville students apply science learning to the real-world


Sanfordville students apply science learning to the real-world

October 3, 2019

As part of their science curriculum, Sanfordville students step out of their regular classroom and into the STEM lab housed in the school’s media center to learn from STEM teacher Brittni Aberasturi. 

The STEM learning approach involves research around a driving question, critical thinking, communication, and real-world application achieved through collaborative and creative problem-solving. 

This week, Jennifer Disy’s fourth grade students set out to discover how favorite animals sense and respond to danger. Once they complete their research, they will use their newfound knowledge and collaborate to create models of animal identification signs as you might find at the zoo. 

More about STEM learning

STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, math) is offered to students in all grades at and Sanfordville and Park Avenue Elementary Schools in dedicated STEM-classrooms and dedicated teachers. 

Developing STEM-based skills necessitates spaces that allow students to tinker with tech and non-tech tools, explore and share ideas, solve problems, and make things.

Education’s growing focus on STEM instruction and skills reflects trends in technology and workforce development. The STEM push is also about innovative instruction around these core subjects, in the context of 21st-century learning, literacy and life skills


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