Warwick Valley already ahead of NYS legislation on AP classes


Warwick Valley already ahead of NYS legislation on AP classes

September 12, 2023

Five days ago, Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law two new pieces of education-related legislation. The first helps high school students and their families identify and take advantage of AP courses offered in their districts. The second calls upon high schools where there is currently no peer-elected student government system, to establish one.

Here in Warwick, we’ve been doing these things for years! First, the basics of the two pieces of legislation:

  • Legislation (A.514-A/S.5650-A) amends the education law to require all school districts and charter schools to provide information to parents and students about the availability and benefits of Advanced Placement (AP) courses in the school on an annual basis.
  • Legislation (S.1732/A.6091) amends the education law to require that student governments in high schools or district wide are established where they currently do not exist. The board of education or trustees of every school district serving high school students in grades nine through 12 with no districtwide or school building peer selected student government must establish a student government system.

Let’s take a closer look at the first one, related to AP programs.

Our selection of Advanced Placement and honors courses is well known and well regarded in the region, and we enjoy educational partnerships with SUNY Albany, Rochester Institute of Technology, St. Cloud State University, and SUNY Orange. These are important pieces of why Warwick Valley is in the Top 30% of all 800-plus school districts throughout New York State. Additionally, we make sure every Warwick family knows about these opportunities, through emails, flyers, workshops, assemblies, social media reminders, and more! People’s interest seems particularly piqued by the nearly 100 college credits available for students to earn while still in high school.

“The AP program here in Warwick continues to be an academic offering that not only attracts attention to our district, but students,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Leach. “Our AP, honors and college level courses align with our district’s Portrait of a Graduate, and give our students the guidance and resources to explore their interests deeply, to challenge themselves, and to learn and grow in unique ways that they’ll take with them after graduation, as well-rounded, civic-minded citizens.”

So, to address some of what Governor Hochul addressed …

In what AP courses can a WV student enroll?
Warwick Valley offers AP classes in English Lit, English Language, Government & Politics, US History, Psychology, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Calculus AB & BC, Spanish, and Music Theory. Through our collegiate partnerships, we offer classes such as University Spanish 1 & 2, University French, our 3-year Science Research Program, Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Intro to Computer Science, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Calculus 1, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, Mandarin Chinese & 5, Principles of Biomedical Engineering, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions.

How much do AP classes cost?
Nothing. Warwick Valley does not charge its students an enrollment fee for AP classes. There is, however, a fee for taking the final AP exam. That fee may be reduced or waived for eligible students.

Are there benefits of taking AP, honors, and college courses?
Absolutely! Students who choose to challenge themselves with these types of advanced coursework are not only gaining knowledge, they can count on improving their writing and communication skills, strengthening their problem-solving capabilities, and sharpening their critical thinking, among other skills for life — and lifelong learning!

According to the College Board, 31% of colleges and universities look at AP experience when making scholarship decisions, and consider that type of educational engagement as a sign that a student is ready to meet college expectations. And they are right, because students who take these courses have shown to be more prepared for the rigors of college work.

There’s also the potentially substantial financial savings of heading off to college with a few credits toward your degree already done!

You can always check our current AP opportunities on the AP & College Courses page of our website. Or, maybe you’d enjoy this story about the valedictorian of the Class of 2023, Thomas Kanz, and his perfect AP exam score!  

Watch our website News feed for a follow-up story on our peer-elected, peer-run student government system. We’ll also talk about our extracurricular opportunities for students who want to explore their interest in government and politics (such as our accomplished Youth in Government club), and explore how all of this all helps students understand and value representational democracy through participation and application it in real life.  


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