Superintendent’s Spotlight: Riley Kimiecik


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Riley Kimiecik

October 21, 2021

Riley Kimiecik can’t think of anything she doesn’t love about the new school year at Warwick Valley Middle School.

“I love all my teachers — Ms. Hayward, Ms. Prestano, Ms. Paravati, Ms. Heller, Mr. Gouveia, and Ms. Cosco,” she said. “I’m really loving art, social studies, home and careers. I’ll be cheering at the homecoming pep rally this week!”

The seventh grader’s affinity for all things curricular and extracurricular is evident in her excellent grades, her enthusiastic involvement with the school community, and the signature cheerfulness with which she goes about her day — whether she’s greeting administrators in the hall or helping out a peer in class.

“Riley does well in her classes, she’s involved in all kinds of student activities — in clubs, on the cheerleading team. She’s a very well-mannered person and an excellent communicator,” said WVMS Associate Principal Mr. Christopher Radon. “When you look at our district’s Portrait of a Graduate, you recognize the different facets in Riley that you can check off after spending just a few days with her.”

Riley began the 2021-2022 school year coming off a streak of four marking periods on High Honor Roll last year. She was also a 2021 honoree of the WMVS Student of the Month in March.

“I like the note taking we do in social studies,” Riley said about the historical subject matter in one of her favorite subjects. “But I really love to draw.”

Besides being an academic all-star, Riley is also active in both athletics and the arts at the Middle School.

Mr. Radon said he’s had the pleasure of seeing some of Riley’s portfolio.

“Riley’s drawings are incredible,” he said. “She’s a very talented artist.”

Riley also plays violin, which she picked up right away in fourth grade, and sings in the chorus. She said she would love to do drama also, but she also has a strong commitment to the Middle School cheerleading squad.

“We cheer at the JV football games, and we cheer at things like the homecoming pep rally that’s coming up,” said Riley.

Outside of school, Riley exercises her creativity with projects like jewelry making.

“I just like crafting in general,” explained Riley. “My favorite is designing bracelets, because I like to make the patterns out of the knots and beads.”

WVMS Principal Ms. Georgianna Diopoulos and Mr. Radon both commented on Riley’s willingness and capability to be a peer mentor in the classroom. While Riley enjoys filling that role, she also explained how she takes it on carefully, on a case-by-case basis.

“Well, if I don’t understand something, I don’t try and help because I don’t want to just make it harder,” she laughed. “But, whenever I understand something and maybe somebody else isn’t getting it, I definitely try to help them the best I can.”

“From her classes to sports to music, Riley is just really involved in our school community,” said Mr. Radon. “She always has nothing but nice things to say about everyone, and we love having her here at the middle school.”


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