Sanfordville PIE students learn about colonial history


Sanfordville PIE students learn about colonial history

March 4, 2024

The PIE 3/4 students in Ms. Reilly, Mrs. DeGuisto, and Ms. Harrington’s classes at Sanfordville Elementary School have been learning about the Age of Exploration and colonial times for the past several weeks, as a lead up to one of their biggest units, the American Revolution.

Students learned about the reasons for exploration as they researched Giovanni da Verrazzano, Henry Hudson and Samuel de Champlain. The students learned about how the various European countries colonized the new land and what life was like in Colonial America.

Sanfordville Elementary School PIE 3/4 classes learn about the Colonial Time Period by using quill pens, making candles and weaving on March 1, 2024.

Last week local historian Sheldon Stowe brought artifacts from the colonial time period that showed students resources the colonists used, such as instruments, clothing articles and tools. The students learned about many of the items that the colonists would trade with the Native Americans in the region.

Then, the students participated in hands-on learning activities to see what some aspects of life really was like for the colonists. They created their own wax candles and learned how to write with a quill pen and ink.

“The students had so much fun and participated in some meaningful discussions on what life was like in the American colonies,” PIE 3/4 teacher Ms. Reilly said. “This was a fun way to wrap up our unit on Colonial Times and start exploring what caused the American Revolution.”

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