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About Our School

Pine Island Elementary

Pine Island Elementary School was reopened in 2020-2021 as a school building for the first time since 2011. This year, the school will welcome all of the district’s kindergarten students. Kindergarten classes from Sanfordville and Park Avenue elementary schools were relocated to Pine Island this year as part of the district’s Reopening Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Opening the school has allowed the district to have enough capacity for socially distanced, full-time, in-person instruction for kindergarteners, and also opened additional space for first-grade and second-grade classes at Park Avenue and Sanfordville elementary schools. It was a priority of district administration and the Reopening Task Force to implement full in-person learning for the district’s youngest students.

Although classes have not been held at Pine Island since 2011, the building has been in regular use over the previous 10 years. Other area organizations have worked out of the building, and regular maintenance and upkeep has been ongoing. To make way for the students’ return to the property, all tenants were relocated off premises.

All of Pine Island Elementary was deep cleaned and sanitized, and there is new paint throughout. In addition, most classrooms and hallways have new flooring. The building has been rewired with new network cable to support the latest technology needs. Playground equipment from the Kings Elementary building, including a double-slide, has been added to the school’s existing pieces. The basketball court has also been resurfaced and stenciled for kindergarten-level activities and games. The existing courtyard is used as an outdoor classroom when weather permits, and a new outdoor classroom space was set up behind the school.

Our Academic Program
The New York State Standards-based curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure its focus on basic academic skills, with emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking and good study habits. Elementary students receive regular instruction in art, music, physical education, health and library/research skills. In addition, youngsters may choose to participate in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. Warwick’s elementary schools consistently exceed similar Orange County school districts on the New York State Assessments. Our K-12 music program is highly recognized at both the county and state levels, with instruction in band and strings beginning in grade 4.