Park students applaud the apple, collab on applesauce


Park students applaud the apple, collab on applesauce

October 4, 2023

Right on the heels of Warwick’s Applefest — which celebrates the prominence of the noble fruit in local history and today — first grade students at Park Avenue talked about the importance of the crop to our community, and how to turn it into a delicious treat for everyone to share!

Creating and collaborating were on the menu, as each student brought in one peeled and cut apple to add to the pot. The students called it “friendship” applesauce, because of the community-centric, Stone Soup approach they took to making it. The students also got into a little science — by way of cooking — by following a recipe to season the apples with cinnamon & sugar, then simmer the mixture at just the right temperature all day.

“The students were so excited,” said Ms. Berghahn. “At 3:00 pm, it was time to enjoy a warm treat while we listened to a read aloud.”

As they were preparing the applesauce, the students also charted which of the different types of apples were their favorites. The classic Red Delicious won handily, true to its name. Everyone who stopped by to sample the applesauce raved about it.

Great job, students!


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