Social Studies is the integrated study of history, economics, geography, and civics. Warwick Valley’s Social Studies curriculum is based on the New York Social Studies Curriculum Framework, which has integrated the Common Core Learning Standards.

Social Studies practices at all levels:

  1. Gathering, using, and interpreting evidence
  2. Chronological reasoning and causation
  3. Comparison and contextualization
  4. Geographic reasoning
  5. Economics and economics systems
  6. Civic participation

Social Studies is integrated into the reading and writing curriculum by classroom teachers at the Elementary School level. At the Middle School, Social Studies is studied independently and goes into more depth in various content areas, beginning with Ancient Western Civilizations in grade 5 and finishing with American History in grade 8. Global History and Geography 1 and 2 make up the first two years at the High School and students traditionally progress to US History, Economics, and Government courses. There are other courses that may be taken, such as Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Law and Justice, Critical Thinking in the Humanities, Sports in the Western World, and Financial Literacy. There are also multiple Advanced Placement courses that can be taken as electives. 

View the Social Studies section of the WVCSD Curriculum Guide here.