Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

Required by all states that participate in the Race to the Top program, the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) is an evaluation plan for teachers and principals. All districts were required to have a state-approved plan in place by January, 2013, in order to be eligible for any potential state aid increase. Warwick’s initial plan was approved by the New York State Education Dept. in November, 2012.

The APPR was created to support the professional growth of NYS educators. A successful review system should provide timely feedback, an opportunity to acknowledge educators’ strengths and weaknesses and an opportunity for growth as an educator. For the first time, a portion of the evaluation will be tied to student performance. This review system should ultimately result in better classroom teachers for all New York State students.

  • APPR plan for the Warwick Valley Central School District
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Professional growth benefits instruction

Providing educators an opportunity for growth is a chance to enhance the teaching and learning that goes on in the classroom. In the end, students will reap the benefits of a review system meant to provide timely feedback and the opportunity to identify educators’ strengths and weaknesses.

Background about the APPR mandate

In 2010-11, the NYS Legislature passed a bill that mandates 60 percent of a teacher’s evaluation be based on subjective measures like a principal’s observations, a review of student work, or surveys of parents and students; 20 percent on local tests or other assessments; and 20 percent on state tests. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) union challenged the new law, but ultimately reached a final evaluation deal with the state.

What does this mean for WVCSD?

Regardless of any ongoing debates about APPR, the district is obligated to evaluate teachers and principals. APPR regulations require training and certification for Lead Evaluators/Evaluators, the development of a new data analysis process and time set aside for teacher and principal evaluations.

In 2011-12, the district established an APPR committee composed of members of the administrative, teaching and central office staff. This committee studied requirements of the new law and selected a teacher evaluation rubric and local assessment for the Warwick Valley Central School District. Administrators attended local BOCES training on the evaluation of teachers under the new APPR requirements.

It is important to remember that these new laws and regulations are all designed with one goal in mind – improving student achievement across the country and the state, and helping students be better prepared for the 21st century job market that awaits them. As school leaders and teachers work together to understand and implement each facet of the new legislation, it is important that students and parents join in this effort. Home and school partnerships are crucial to student success, especially during times of tremendous change.

Parent disclosure of teacher and principal APPR evaluation scores

Consistent with New York State Education Law 3012-d, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) provides parents and legal guardians the right to access their child’s principal and teacher evaluation scores as described by the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR).

School districts are required to report to parents upon request:

  • the composite effectiveness score
  • the final quality rating, and
  • a written or oral explanation of rating and score in context of the evaluation process.

The procedures for obtaining evaluation information include:

  • contact the building principal regarding your interest in receiving principal or teacher evaluation scores;
  • request the information in writing or schedule a meeting to receive information in person; and
  • indicate your child’s name and grade.