Artist of the Week: Juliet Pulido


Artist of the Week: Juliet Pulido

November 1, 2023

Juliet Pulido is an artist on the rise at Warwick Valley Middle School, with an impressive knack for creativity and artistic insight, coupled with unstoppable inquisitiveness and enthusiasm. Her work (and work ethic) have garnered the attention of both her teachers and peers.

Art teacher Julie Cosco co-taught Juliet’s class last year and was struck by Juliet’s good nature and the considerable talents she had already developed.

“I noticed right away that not only did Juliet have such a sweet demeanor, her art was very well done, very nicely put together,” said Ms. Cosco. “Now, I’m lucky enough to have her in seventh grade, and she is such a nice addition to the class. She brings this cool combination of friendliness and intensity that her classmates really respond to.”

Juliet said that she has always felt drawn to art and creative pursuits in general, and that she benefitted from growing up with artistic people all around her, specifically mom and dad, Jessica and Pablo. Both of Juliet’s parents have career backgrounds in creative roles and production, and nurture her artistic sensibilities and encourage continued exploration and experimentation.

“They’re just very creative people, and I feel like I get so many ideas from them,” said Juliet. “I really look up to them in that way.”

Juliet said that while sketching and painting hold particularly warm spots in her heart, she enjoys working in all media and always appreciates having a “new environment and focusing on different skills,” to keep challenging herself and to maintain variety.

“It’s just that everything is so different,” she said. “The difference from drawing a pumpkin and then flowers, it doesn’t seem like much of a change, but it’s actually really big when it comes to art. That’s why I enjoy Ms. Cosco’s class, we get to try everything.”

Juliet said she finds a lot of inspiration in the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

“It’s just such a whimsical style that tells such a big story,” she said. Juliet loves how art gets interpreted in so many ways depending on the individual viewing it. “Everyone sees certain Van Gogh pieces totally different from different perspectives. Each time I look at it, I could see it a different way. I really love that, because I feel like my meaning [as the artist] could go so much further along with another person’s.”

Juliet’s preference for mixed media and its expressive potential aligns nicely with her fascination with diverse subject matter, and it is all well-reflected in her eclectic portfolio. Not only does it seamlessly transition between pumpkins and flowers, it highlights the versatility and adaptability of an artist who is intent on being a lifelong learner.

A notable highlight from Juliet’s portfolio is her project inspired by the style of artist/director Tim Burton. Juliet ingeniously amalgamated various “Burtonesque” elements with her own to create a visually captivating piece. The piece is also one of her own favorites.

“I love Tim Burton and my dad has always loved The Nightmare Before Christmas,” said Juliet. “So, I kind of learned how [the characters] looked and took little pieces from each work of his. I put it together – kinda mushed it together – and I ended up with this.”

The piece is one of many fine examples of Juliet’s close attention to technique, which she said she began focusing on in earnest in her final year of elementary school.

“I really started focusing on technique in fifth grade,” Juliet explained. “I’ve always been drawn to the arts and drawing and making things, but I feel like I really started focusing specifically on technique.”

That focus has continued into middle school and grown, as Juliet has also taken up private art classes at Pura Vida Art in Warwick. It is also worth pointing out that when Juliet says she enjoys “all media,” she means music too! Juliet has been playing the viola in school since fourth grade. She also studies piano with a private teacher outside of school, and is self-taught on the ukulele and guitar.

She joined Ukulele Club this year, and their first performance is among the many things she is looking forward to this year, along with eagerly anticipated projects utilizing clay and papier-mâché.

We look forward to seeing and hearing much more, Juliet!


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