Dr. Ping Moroney wraps up month-long exhibit at Greenwood Lake Public Library


Dr. Ping Moroney wraps up month-long exhibit at Greenwood Lake Public Library

February 28, 2024


Throughout the month of February, the artwork of our very own Dr. Ping Xu Moroney has been on exhibition in the Greenwood Lake Public Library. The showing has been part of the library’s Artist of the Month program.

Dr. Ping teaches Mandarin Chinese in both the middle school and high school. In 2004, Dr. Ping painted a historical mural of Greenwood Lake at the Greenwood Lake Youth Center, which was commissioned by the library.

The February exhibition has been a partial selection of pieces from a larger collection of oil paintings that Dr. Ping entitled 100 Businesses. Each painting in the collection depicts a greater-Warwick-area local business or organization by capturing the familiar facades of their buildings.

This afternoon, Wednesday, February 28, at 3:00 pm, there will be a reception at the library (79 Waterstone Rd., Greenwood Lake), during which Dr. Ping will be honored for her work.

Congratulations, Dr. Ping!

If you cannot make it to the library this afternoon, you can still enjoy selections from Dr. Ping’s exhibit in the gallery below. There is no doubt you will recognize all of these wonderfully warm depictions of popular local institutions and landmarks. You can also visit Dr. Ping’s online gallery at www.pingsgallery.com.  

Gallery: 16/100 Businesses 

From Dr. Ping’s personal bio for the exhibit…  

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Dr. Xu Ping has decades of painting experience. Her pieces have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and art shows in China, Japan, and the United States.

“I use oil painting to paint what I see and what I feel. In the cold of winter, I paint the warmth that I’d like to feel.”




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