WVMS Ukulele Club performs to raise awareness for DKMS


WVMS Ukulele Club performs to raise awareness for DKMS

December 19, 2022

WVMS Ukulele Club performs at Railroad Green.The Warwick Valley Middle School Ukulele Club performed in downtown Warwick over the weekend, raising money and awareness for DKMS, an organization that works to end blood cancers and other blood disorders. There was also a table to set up to get more people registered for the national bone marrow and stem cell registry.

After a successful performance, the club has now added over 35 community members to the registry and we are on our way to meeting our goal of 250 by the end of the year! 

You can register virtually and DKMS will send the swab kit straight to your house. 

Here are some facts about the donation process:

    • The myths about the extreme pain experienced during the donation process are outdated! About 90% of donors will only need to go to a transfusion center for a few hours and donate stem cells via a blood draw- the other 10% will donate bone marrow under anesthesia via a draw through the hip bone. Afterwards, the pain is equated to bumping your side on a table’s edge.
    • DKMS will pay for all costs associated with the donation process!
    • Registering is painless and takes only a few minutes – swab your cheeks, fill out a form and you’re good to go!


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