WVHS video students produce commercials for local businesses


WVHS video students produce commercials for local businesses

August 20, 2022

Students in Warwick Valley High School’s video production and communications classes unveiled a series of local commercials at a special reception for business owners on June 8 in the high school’s production studio.

Students collaborated to produce 12 commercials for the businesses, which included shops, eateries, professional services, and the Greenwood Lake Chamber of Commerce. The videos were then unveiled at a Reveal Reception attended by the business owners.

The project is a collaboration of students from two classes: Dan Cecconie’s Video Production CTE (Career & Technology Education) program and Kirk Thomas’ Communications class.

 Students worked in teams of two and met with their assigned clients, wrote and storyboarded the commercials, then filmed and edited their pieces.

“The project affords our students an opportunity to have some real work experience, and they took the challenge,” Mr. Cecconie said.

For WVHS senior Matthew Doherty, who teamed up with Brooke Holzhauer to work with Rhinebeck Bank, this was his third commercial project.

“I think it’s really amazing because we don’t get to work with professionals here, and the businesses treat us as if we are an actual video team coming to them,” said Matthew, who will be at Ithaca College in the fall majoring in production in television and emerging media. “It’s just so different than working with your teachers or friends, because it’s really about that client relationship.”

Matthew’s client, Rhinebeck Bank Chief Marketing/Public Affairs Office Tim Massie, was very impressed with all of the commercials the students produced. He also had some advice for the students.

“First of all, every single one of those commercials was great,” Mr. Massie said. “Ours really showed what we’re about, being a community bank. I was where you (students) are a long time ago. I was in the AV Club, I did audiovisual work and I’ve had a 45-year career out of it. So please, if you’re interested in doing this kind of work, don’t give up on it.”

“There are jobs out there for you,” Mr. Massie said. “And it’s the skill that you bring that makes you a very valuable employee for whoever you’re going to be working for. Keep those skills up because writing, editing, speaking, collaborating … no matter what job you go into, those skills are going to pay off for you for the rest of your life.”

Etta Hamilton, director and owner of Village Childcare, was also very happy with her commercial, which was produced by Sean Messina and Rory O’Connor.

“Working with Sean and Rory was amazing,” Ms. Hamilton said. “They really captured what I wanted in a commercial. They took my business and did exactly what I wanted. did a great job and this is a great program. I’ll be back next year.”

The businesses and students included:

  • Back in the Game Sports (Brendan Rink and Shane Crane).
  • Nice & Sharp Barbershop (Liam Kevins and Declan Tobin).
  • Greenwood Lake Chamber of Commerce (Jarrett Mulqueen and William Barerro)
  • Village Childcare Services (Rory O’Connor and Sean Messina).
  • Fizzy Lifting (Ari Cruz and Jazleen Alagh).
  • Marketize Group (Kailyn Ackerman and Madeline Yurchuk)
  • Rhinebeck Bank (Matthew Doherty and Brooke Holzhauer).
  • The Rock Underground (Connor O’Regan and Konnor Piccirillo)
  • Greenwood Lake Theater (Riley Cupo and Jasira Gay)
  • United Martial Arts Center (Ed Mulvey and Theodore Fernandez)
  • Last Whiskey Bar (Sean Smith and Nathan Branch)
  • Albert Wisner Public Library (Erin De La Mota and John Murphy)

View the commercials below:

View a slideshow of the project below:



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