WVHS chamber orchestra learns from some serious maestros


WVHS chamber orchestra learns from some serious maestros

April 18, 2024

On Sunday, April 14, the WVHS Chamber Orchestra spent the day in Newburgh with the renowned American String Quartet. The Chamber Orchestra was selected to participate in the education outreach program by the Newburgh Chamber Music Series group. This program allows students to perform, participate in a masterclass, and watch a performance by these world-class musicians. 

The WVHS Chamber Orchestra performed a piece for the American String Quartet titled Elements, by Richard Meyer. They also participated in an incredible masterclass, receiving positive (not to mention invaluable) feedback and constructive criticism from the maestros.

“Our students were so excited for the opportunity to not only showcase their talents, but to hear what professional musicians thought of their playing,” said WVHS orchestra director and teacher Elissa Maynard. “They were like sponges on Sunday, taking in every suggestion with open arms. When we returned to school on Monday, I could already hear — and even see — differences in my students’ playing from this experience!”

Many of the members of the Newburgh Chamber Music Board and the American String Quartet were blown away by the talent of the WVHS musicians, offering them motivational praise and encouragement to continue music professionally.

Dr. Cowan, the founding board member, remarked on the musical growth of the group since the last time she saw them just over four years ago, saying, “The American String Quartet was inspired by the students eagerness to try new ideas and their flexibility, which is a tribute to their teacher, Ms. Maynard.”

The students will showcase what they learned at their upcoming concert on May 20 at 7:00 pm in the WVHS auditorium.




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