WVCSD Artist of the Week: Fiona Contino


WVCSD Artist of the Week: Fiona Contino

March 20, 2024

Fiona Contino began her musical journey in elementary school, when, as part of the Park Avenue drama club, she discovered her love of performing on stage! Now in fifth grade, Fiona has continued to pursue her passion for performance and the arts at Warwick Valley Middle School, as part of both the drama club and chorus. 

“In elementary school, the shows had a lot of singing; more than lines and acting,” Fiona said about her first experiences with the Park Avenue drama club in the third grade. “I usually get roles that have a lot of comedy in them, and I like being myself and showing my [comedic] side. I also really love the singing!”

Currently, Fiona and her castmates are preparing for the upcoming WVMS drama club production of The Little Mermaid. She’s also been busy in chorus with Shane Peters.

“Fiona brings excitement into everything she does,” said Mr. Peters. “She is already a leader in chorus, and I cannot wait to see the strides she makes while in middle school!”

Fiona said that she has enjoyed her first year in the middle school chorus. She has taken a decidedly “go-for-it” approach to her first year in the ensemble, especially when she decided to audition for a solo in the winter concert. Although she was nervous, she said it was something she really wanted to do.

“So I auditioned, and I got it. It was really fun,” she beamed. “I really like chorus so far this year. Mr. Peters is really nice and one of my favorite teachers.”

In addition to having the middle school chorus and drama club for creative opportunities, Fiona is also a part of the Warwick Performing Arts Center Broadway Collective, where she has had the opportunity to learn from theater educators and Broadway professionals. Fiona will be performing the role of Jane Banks in the collective’s upcoming production of Mary Poppins on April 5 – 7, 2024.  

Second only to her love of singing in musicals, is Fiona’s love of watching musicals. She shared that Mean Girls is one of her top picks, but not above Mary Poppins. 

“It’s probably my favorite musical,” said Fiona, and went on to explain her favorite scene to perform. “The scene right before “A Spoonful of Sugar” is really fun; we just kind of get to basically run around and throw things.”

Fiona also enjoys the visual arts and loves to draw.

“I like sketching stuff out with pencils,” Fiona said. “It’s really nice and relaxing, and it just helps me calm down.”

As a current member of the WVMS literary magazine club, Fiona’s artwork has been featured in the magazine. Fiona is always looking for new and interesting things to learn about, and said she’s excited to start taking Home and Careers, where she’ll learn how to bake, and also hopes to start taking guitar lessons next year. 


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