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About Our School

Warwick Valley Middle School

Aerial view of Warwick Valley Middle School on Aug. 17, 2020.

The Warwick Valley Middle School (WVMS) is one of Orange County, New York’s premiere schools. Warwick students achieve some of the highest New York State Assessment scores, while taking advantage of a full array of extracurricular activities, sports and community service projects.

Our highly qualified faculty members are committed to academic excellence and positive programs for youth development. The building Principal leads the Middle School, with the support of two assistant principals, three guidance counselors, two school psychologists, a school social worker and a school nurse.

Our school opens its doors to approximately 1,080 students in grades five, six, seven and eight each day. Our students and teachers are organized into teams to provide smaller learning communities within our larger school.

All students are enrolled in English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and unified arts classes. Fifth and sixth-grade students’ schedules rotate to offer blocks of instruction for academic subjects. In the seventh and eighth grades, students follow a 40-minute, nine-period day. Students are enrolled in two years of foreign language. We currently offer Spanish, French and/or Mandarin Chinese. Students experience “Unified Arts” classes that may include art, music, technology, home & careers, health and computers. Each grade level benefits from a 40-minute advisory period. During advisory, students may receive extra help, make-up tests, work on homework, attend music lessons or receive other services.

The Middle School also offers “honors” classes in 7th grade mathematics and 8th grade English, mathematics, science and social studies to those students who qualify for this level of instruction. Special needs and Section 504 students receive a variety of services and/or accommodations outlined in their educational plans. We also provide assistance to students under Academic Intervention Services for language arts and mathematics. Learn more in our academics section. 

Student lunches are divided by grade level periods. Lunch is in the cafeteria and students are offered a wide variety of choices. Students have recess for half of their lunch period, when they can socialize, participate in organized games or play independently in either the gym or fields, depending on the weather.

We encourage students to become involved in extra-curricular activities, and offer many clubs, intramurals and sports for their participation. The Middle School has a Student Senate, Drama Club, Band, Chorus and Orchestra at all grade levels. A list of clubs and activities offered at the Middle School each year is posted on the WVMS webpage. Students must remain in good academic standing to be eligible to participate.

Parents are welcome in the Middle School, and are encouraged to join the PTA and attend monthly meetings. Parent involvement that begins at home by checking homework and helping with student routines has proven to be a key component for student success. We promote open lines of communication between home and school through conferences, notes, phone calls and emails.