Warwick Valley High School

Hall Lockers

Each student is assigned the use of a specific hall locker for clothing, textbooks, and other personal belongings. Use ONLY the locker you have been assigned. You are responsible for the items in that locker. If someone has claimed that locker, report this immediately to the High School Office. Do not store food or perishables overnight in these lockers. Lockers remain the property of the school district. School officials always have the right of access to any school locker. Board of Education policy states that students must only use the approved V54 Master Lock with a key slot in the back; all others will be removed. Do not share your locker or lock combination with anyone and always spin your lock a couple of times when closing it. Students are responsible for safeguarding the contents of their lockers. Valuables should not be brought to school. This includes cell phones, pagers, photography equipment, iPods, cash, etc. Items cannot be given to the High School Office or to teachers for safekeeping and continue to be the responsibility of the student.

P.E. Lockers

Lockers in the gym locker rooms are not assigned and may only be used during the student’s gym period. A lock must be used to lock the gym lockers only for the gym period. Students must keep their gym materials in their hall lockers before and after gym classes. Do not leave your belongings in unlocked gym lockers, on the benches or otherwise unsecured. Valuables should not be brought to school. Do not rely on the Physical Education Department to secure personal belongings. Do not assume that locking the locker room doors will secure your belongings; it won’t. Lockers are available for this purpose. Please use them accordingly.