Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Warwick Valley High School


The WVHS Leadership Academy was developed through the collaborative efforts of the WVCSD, the Warwick Foundation for Excellence in Learning (WFEL), and members of the community. The Academy was formed to help students develop their leadership potential.

How is the Leadership Academy designed?

The Leadership Academy is built upon the work of noted leadership researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner. Their Student Leadership Challenge introduces students to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Students participating in the Leadership Academy work closely with adult mentors to explore and to develop their leadership abilities.

What are some Leadership Academy activities?

Activities include students taking a Student Leadership Practices Inventory, attending a Student Leadership Challenge workshop presented by Collegiate Empowerment, and participating in a series of work sessions led by local leaders who are interested in sharing their insights and talents.
The Leadership Academy also gives students the opportunity to use their leadership skills to create events like a Freshman Orientation for next year’s incoming ninth grade students.

Who are the Leadership Academy mentors?

Current mentors include school administrators, local business owners, college professors, a village justice, an executive director of a large non-profit, and several individuals with vast experience as leadership and career consultants.

How does a student join the Leadership Academy?

Information about the application process is announced to high school students each October and is posted on the high school and district web pages.