Warwick Valley High School


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Final Average of 90% in English 8 or 80% in English 8 Honors and Teacher Recommendation
English 9 Honors is an enriched course. English 9 Honors is designed for the student who is already reading and writing above the average 9th grade level. More writing assignments, of a more sophisticated nature, are assigned than in Regents classes. Reading assignments include many classic and contemporary selections and full length works drawn from various genres. Students may be required to complete projects in all four quarters. The research papers are required as well as a summer reading/writing assignment. Emphasis is placed on analysis and discussion of literature.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: English 8
Students explore and examine works of literature through the identification and use of specific literary elements. Reading skills taught in prior grades are strengthened and maintained. Literature includes reading selections from the grade anthology together with the introduction of critical appreciation of the novel, short story, lyric and narrative poem, full length play and works of non- fiction. Spelling and vocabulary are regularly studied from lists of words appropriate to the class and in conjunction with written work and the literature covered. Composition study aims toward cohesive paragraph organization, as well as clarity of expression. A research paper is required. Listening skills for information and understanding are emphasized. Parallel Regents Task Essay formats are explored during examination of the writing process.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


.5 Credit     Prerequisite: Algebra I and English 9
This course is designed for sophomore and junior students. The first half of the course will focus on the mathematics portion of the SAT, while the second portion will focus on the English portion of the SAT. Curriculum for the math portion will include different facets of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic, and it will aim to improve proficiencies in all test topics. The second portion will prepare students for both the Critical Reading and the Writing sections of the test. Curriculum will include reading comprehension, sentence completion, critical writing, grammar and essay writing. In both sections, students will take a diagnostic test to determine their strengths and weaknesses, study individual chapters covering practice problems and work cooperatively to solve them, take practice tests, and score results.

*This course will be offered pass/fail and will not be counted towards GPA or Class Rank.


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Final average of 90% or above in English 9R or 80% or above in English 9H and Teacher Recommendation
Students are expected to have a firm basis in the structure of language, literary forms and terms, and oral communication skills. The course will be an overview of British Literature with in-depth study of selected authors. A major research paper will be required along with several short papers. Students will be expected to read novels, plays and poems and write corresponding critical analyses. Students will also be expected to produce pieces of creative writing. Research skills will be continually reinforced in investigating all areas of British literature. Students are required to practice and imitate some of the styles and forms studied, including dramatic performance. A summer reading/writing assignment is required.

Students will take the ELA Common Core Examination in June. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to take English electives and other advanced English Department offerings.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: English 9R
The basic skills in grammar and usage, spelling mechanics, and reading are maintained and strengthened. In composition students are given aid and practice in developing clear, correct and interesting paragraphs and in organizing full length essays. Considerable attention is devoted to the achievement of economy, exactness and variety in expression. Emphasis in literature is on understanding the elements of the British literary style and content. A direct effort is made to improve vocabulary. A research paper is required. Reading and writing for information, supporting and defending an argument are emphasized. Students will also engage in routine development and practice of public speaking, debate, and academic discussion skills.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Pass the Common Core ELA Regents exam. Final average of 90% or above in English 10R or 80% or above in English 10H and Teacher Recommendation
English 11 Honors pursues an in-depth study of American literature through close, critical readings of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poems. Mature discussion, insight, and problem solving skills are vital to the comprehension of the readings. Vocabulary study is intensive and regular. Writing emphasizes sophisticated expression, support of the writer’s position, and logical and precise thought.

Extensive writing and analysis are to be expected on a regular basis. A major research project is required as well as a summer reading/writing assignment. Students must be committed to intensive study and possess a love of the written word.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: English 10R
The composition phase of this course emphasizes the skills of mature written expression through intensive study of sentence structure, paragraph development, and theme organization. Maturity of thought, sound organization, economy in the use of words and a variety of expression are taught and practiced, particularly in expository and critical writing assignments. Vocabulary study is regular and intensive. In literature the periods, styles, and themes of American literature are explored. Supplemental class reading and writing assignments are required in 11R. A major research paper is required. The course ends with the NYS Common Core ELA Exam.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Pass English 10H, English 11H with an 80% or above, and Teacher Recommendation
Advanced Placement (AP) English is a full-year course for students who have consistently demonstrated superior ability in English. The goal of this course will be to develop the students’ awareness of language and to sharpen their skills in effective writing and critical reading. The course will encourage students to develop facility in the different writing styles demanded in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, the social sciences, the pure sciences, criticism and the fine arts, and journalism.

The course terminates with the required Advanced Placement English Examination. Elect colleges and universities grant credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination. There is a fee to students for the AP exam. A summer reading/writing assignment is required.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Pass English 10H, or English 11H with an 80% or above, and Teacher Recommendation
Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience, expectations, and subjects as well as the way generic conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing.

The course terminates with the required Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Examination. Some colleges and universities grant credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination. There is a fee to the students for the AP exam. A summer reading/writing assignment is required.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: English 11R
This course is geared toward college-bound students and is comprised of four elements of study: Prose Analysis, Poetry and Literary Terminology, Public Speaking, and the examination of Classical & Contemporary Works.

Poetry analysis involves a concentrated study of the primary modes of written discourse in relation to the analysis and appreciation of both short and full-length works of poetry.

Via class lectures and written expression, students read and interpret poetry and associated literary terminology, culminating in their own creation of poetry.

Students are provided with background in basic public speaking techniques and are given the opportunity to make presentations throughout the school year. Classical and contemporary study involves the analysis and presentation of Shakespearean plays and modern day docudramas.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Passing of English 11R or 11H. Students must also enroll in Government Senior Project in their Spring Semester
“Explore your passion; discover yourself” is the slogan for this senior English program, Senior Project.

A nationally-recognized program, Senior Project is a rigorous course that consists of four components: a project based upon a student-generated idea, a 2100-2700 word collegiate-level research paper, a portfolio that visually chronicles the experience, and the Senior Boards, an elaborate presentation to a panel of judges. This course, which includes the curriculum of English 12, is designed for the industrious student who wishes to work extensively and independently on a project of his/her choosing.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit (Elective Credit)     Prerequisite: English 9 and 80% or above final average in English.
Journalism is a combination of an academic course and practical publications program open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students learn about all aspects of the field of journalism including reportorial style writing, legal issues and case study, and methods of editing. The course includes actual interviews with seasoned reporters as well as many real world applications, and produces the school newspaper, The Survey, each month. The first three quarters are devoted to instruction and the fourth quarter toward the production of the students’ own newspaper.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)

JOURNALISM II (2151)– Writing 1 Credit (Elective Course) | JOURNALISM II (2152) – Editing 1 Credit (Elective Course)

1 Credit (Elective Credit)     Prerequisite: Journalism I , Application for Page Editor required
Journalism II is open to second and third year journalism students. This course focuses on the application of the concepts learned in Journalism I. Students in Journalism II write articles, edit, and are part of the selection process for Journalism I articles that are considered for publication in The Survey. An average of 80 in Journalism I is needed to register for course.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1 Credit (Elective Credit)     Prerequisite: English 10

Communications 1 is a “hands-on” digital media production course open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students develop a foundation in video production, digital video and audio editing, media management, and equipment operation. Through the exploration and creation of news and entertainment media, students will learn how to craft narratives that engage target audiences. The art of digital storytelling is further developed through scripting, storyboarding, and persuasive writing activities that are then translated into video productions. Students will work individually, on teams, and as a class to discover the educational and creative applications of a variety mass communications platforms. Those enrolled in the course will also benefit from participating in workshops led by a wide range and industry professionals. The primary goal is to develop skills to shift from content consumer to content creator. 


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Communications 1 Open to Juniors and Seniors

This course continues and expands the curriculum covered in Communications 1 in a project-based environment. Larger production assignments such as commercials, public service announcements, industrial video, show segments, and podcasts provide students with more “real world” experiences. Students will engage in electronic news gathering, electronic field production, and advanced lighting activities. Studio production and crewing skills will be developed while working in collaboration with upper-level classes (video 2/communications 3) to produce high-level content. Students will also explore techniques to create a web presence for their class content and expand viewership. Those enrolled in the course will also benefit from participating in workshops led by a wide range and industry professionals.



1/2 Credit     Prerequisite: Juniors or Seniors or Permission of Instructor
This is a semester course open to all eleventh and twelfth graders and is designed to prepare students for their college writing experience by introducing traditional theories and tools involving the art and science of rhetoric. The understanding and practice of such theories will allow students to strengthen their critical thinking and argumentation skills, therefore improving the structure, tone and overall success of their writing. Students will be offered extensive practice as they will be asked to dissect life and literature, frame meaningful arguments, and synthesize their arguments through the application of traditional rhetoric. This sustained practice in the art and science of rhetoric will cater to student ability to formulate arguments of substantial academic merit. Students will be required to complete daily writing exercises, participate in debates, and construct reading response papers and formal essays.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)


1/2 Credit     Prerequisite: English 11R
This course is geared toward students interested in writing as an art form. Here you have the opportunity to work amongst peers who share your passion as a means for honing a skill you are deeply invested in. Coursework includes the exploration of the writing, as well as, the visual and auditory art that inspires creation. Whether you are a beginning writer who has just gotten the taste for creation or an individual who has been invested in this craft for years is inconsequential; what matters is that you enter this class with a respect for writing, the writing of the published, as well as, the writing of your peers.

(This course is NCAA Approved.)