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1/2 Credit     No Prerequisite
Studio Art I and II (along with Foundations in Art and DDP) are two courses which are the foundation for learning art at the high school level. They also serve as prerequisites for all of the other art courses as well as meeting the graduation requirement. These courses teach the student various techniques, art applications, traditional art practices, theory and elements and principles of design. Through a variety of projects, students will learn how to create value studies, use colored pencil, paint with tempera and watercolor, delve into pottery, create mono prints and collographs as well as learn one and two point perspective.


1/2 Credit    
Studio Art II builds upon the techniques, art applications, traditional art projects, theory and elements and principles of design taught in Studio Art I taking this learning even further; preparing students for any course offered in the art department. Through a variety of projects, students will learn how to create three dimensional forms with pencil and pen, paint with acrylics, tempera and watercolor, create drawings in three point perspective, study a variety of printmaking techniques, work with clay, work in three dimensions with sculpture and study various artists throughout history.

CERAMICS 1 (2745)

1/2 Credit    
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop a basic knowledge of ceramics, basic hand-building techniques; pinch pots, coil, slab and an introduction to wheel work. The course encompasses all ceramics related skills. Activities will be individualized according to the ability level of each student. Students will explore decorative techniques with glaze, wax resist, texturing and incising into leather hard clay. Students will have the unique opportunity to be involved in the Empty Bowls Club, as well as contribute their own handmade bowls to the Warwick community event, Empty Bowls.
This course does not meet the NYS graduation requirement for the Arts.

CERAMICS 2 (2746)

1/2 Credit    
This course builds upon knowledge gained in Ceramics 1. Students will initiate and solve challenging problems in ceramics using a variety of forming methods, including thrown forms, hollowware, composite and sculptural forms. More emphasis will be placed on wheel work and the ability to be able to repeat a form both on the wheel and when hand-building. Ceramics 2 students will take a more active role in the Empty Bowls Club as well as contribute their own handmade bowls to the Warwick community event, Empty Bowls.


1/2 Credit     
Drawing & Painting I is designed for students to expand their skills and knowledge gained in Studio Art I & II and Foundations. Students will explore a variety of techniques with pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, watercolor, and acrylics. Observational drawing, material studies, figure drawing, and mixed-media collage are just a few subjects that will be covered in this course. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook.


1/2 Credit    
This course is the extension of Drawing & Painting I. Students will refine their technical skills in drawing and painting to create dynamic compositions with a focus on color. This course will aid in the development of both personal and college design portfolios. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook.


1 Credit     Prerequisite: MS Art Teacher recommendation
Foundations in Art is a year long introduction to the nature, function and techniques of the visual arts in the present and past. While in this course students will be expected to participate in class discussions of artwork and architecture and how to the elements of art are used to create a work of art. Students will be asked to incorporate their analysis into the many pieces of art that will be created throughout the year. This is a full year course that will serve as a strong foundation for all future art courses at the high school.


1/2 Credit    
Photography I will instruct the beginner on the use of a 35mm manual SLR camera and darkroom skills. The course will cover proper exposure, focus, and depth of field as well as shutter speed applications. Students will expand their knowledge gained in Studio II in terms of composition, cropping and perspective. Students will learn how to develop black and white film and create prints from those negatives.

Due to limited equipment, it is highly recommended that students have their own 35 mm manual cameras. A film cassette and negative sleeves will need to be purchased at the beginning of the course. These items may be purchased at a discount from the photography teacher. Film and paper will be supplied for all students.


1/2 Credit    
Photography II will build upon the concepts learned in Photography I and will continue with more advanced shooting and darkroom techniques. This is an advanced level art course geared toward the more serious art student who really enjoys photography. Students will learn studio lighting techniques, toning, hand coloring, advanced exposure/metering and a variety of darkroom manipulation techniques. Portfolios will be worked on throughout the semester.


1/2 Credit     
Students will learn how to use a Nikon DSLR camera; learning all of the ins and outs of exposure, controlling shutter speed and aperture to take beautiful photographs. Photographic projects will be based on technical aspects of the camera as well as the aesthetic principals of art and design. Learning Adobe Photoshop will also be a large component of this course. Students will upload their images and learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate their images and create outstanding photos.


1/2 Credit    
Students go beyond the basics of digital photography and photo manipulation to explore, understand and utilize the manual features of a digital camera as well as the variety of opportunities for the advanced amateur and semi-professional photographer when using Adobe Photoshop. Students will complete a variety of projects that focus on using the many advanced features of a digital camera. Within these projects, students will also utilize Adobe Photoshop as any advanced or semi-professional photographer would, preparing them for the digital world and future digital courses in photography at college. While in Digital Darkroom II, students will also work on a digital photography portfolio, matting their 10 best pieces. Students will participate in a variety of competitions and shows throughout the semester, allowing for possibilities of scholarships and prizes awarded through these various competitions.


1/2 Credit     
This course follows the N.Y. State Education Department module. Instructional activities will take place in the drafting facility. This course introduces the students to mechanical drawing through use of equipment, language, and procedure. Topics include: Introduction to architectural design, problem solving and blue prints.


1/2 Credit    
This course is a computer based architecture course using a CAD style program. It will teach the students how to take the hand drawn and engineered scale drawing from Architecture 1 and recreate them into working blue prints as well as three-dimensional views that would bring the flat one-dimensional drawing to life.


1/2 Credit  

This half-year long course will serve as a comprehensive introduction to basic aspects of fashion design. Students will learn vocabulary, technical skills, and history pertaining to fashion design. The focus will be on two-dimensional illustrated design (both traditional and digital illustrations) of garments. Students will experience the step by step design process of illustrating a fashion figure creating a complete and cohesive fashion line. The culminating final project: students will illustrate, construct and model dresses of their own design made entirely out of newspaper.


1 Credit     Prerequisite: Grades 10-12
This is a project-based course in technical production including: familiarization with the planning, illustrating, and construction of basic stage scenery, and laboratory work on the high school theatrical productions. In addition, school/community projects will be integrated and students will have the opportunity to work in “design teams”, building collaborative work environments, addressing the goals and requirements of this class. The course takes an engineering approach to instructional development through the arts.


1 Credit    Prerequisite: Junior or Senior; Foundations of Art or Studio Art, Drawing and Painting plus 1 additional art elective.

This course is designed for juniors and seniors who have already completed Foundations in Art and/or Studio Art, Drawing and Painting and one other art elective.  Students may take other art courses simultaneously.  Priority will be given to students who need this class to work on their portfolio for college portfolio reviews  for entrance into an art college.  Portfolio reviews generally take place between October and November of senior year.  Portfolio and Art Careers requires advanced drawing and design skills.  Students should be prepared to draw often in preparation for their portfolio review.  A portfolio consisting of 15-18 pieces, a one person show, 2-3 college/career visits and an artist statement will be required for successful completion of this course.

3D MEDIA ART (2751)

1/2 Credit

3D Media is a combination of traditional and non-traditional, sculpture-based disciplines, including hand -built and wheel-thrown ceramics, sculpture, metals, book-binding and installations. Students will learn the basic elements of three dimensional form such as scale, mass, color, movement and use of space. They will explore different mediums such as clay, paper, cardboard, recycled objects and wire. Students will plan, develop, and execute their ideas by learning to manipulate the materials through a range of techniques and processes. Students will also learn artistice terminology and about historic and contemporary artists, artworks, and movements.


1 Credit    Prerequisite: Grades 10-12

The Yearbook/Publications course is a computer based class that focuses on graphic design and the production process of creating the school yearbook while incorporating Adobe Suite software. This course would allow students to learn layout design; write and fit copy, captions, and headlines; sell advertisements; learn basic photography skills; and be proficient on a computer. Students would use Photoshopand Jostens online site to create, edit, and learn advanced publishing techniques. The student who completes this course would have the opportunity to accept leadership positions, develop new skills, assume individual responsibility and work as part of a team towards the completion of the yearbook. In addition, they will gain life skills in time management, marketing and design principles.

Computer Advertising & Graphic Design (2731)

1/2 credit
This is an introductory course to computer enhanced Advertising and Graphic Design.  An introduction to visual communication methods and principles of design and production processes. Topics will cover symbols, visual perception, conceptualization and layout stages, design principles, typography, illustration and imaging, color use. The students will learn the basics of programs like Photoshop, InDesign & Toon Boom.


More Information

Different options available to students interested in art
  1. Studio Art I – For those students who will be going on to take other art courses. This course is a prerequisite for Studio Art II. This meets the graduation requirement for a 1/2 credit of art.
    Studio Art II – Builds upon Studio Art I. This course is a prerequisite for most other art courses in the art department. This course, along with Studio Art I, completes the full credit art requirement for graduation.
  2. Foundations in Art – This course is a full-year honors-level art course for students who have expressed a high interest in the arts. Students need to submit a letter of intent and be recommended by their 8th-grade art teacher.

*The above courses will satisfy graduation requirement.

The goal of the art program at Warwick Valley High School is to help students to develop their appreciation for and understanding of the various art disciplines and the contributions of art in our society. The course offerings include a wide range of exciting full year and half year courses.

The foundation course for practically all electives is Studio Art, in which students develop their skills in a variety of media and hands-on applications, as well as learn art history, art criticism, and strategies for personal expression. At left is a complete list of the Art Department course offerings at Warwick Valley High School.

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