Warwick Valley High School

A College & Career Planning Resource 

Naviance’s Family Connection is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in planning for their future. We encourage our students to utilize this website throughout their high school years.

While we anticipate heaviest usage among juniors and seniors, many of our younger students and their parents will find this tool to be helpful in longer-term planning.

Other resources provided by Family Connection are the links to useful websites relating to college information, financial aid, test preparation, NCAA eligibility, etc.

College Lookup

This research tool provides comprehensive information on thousands of colleges. In addition to general and admissions information, further data is presented on academics, cost and financial aid, student body characteristics, extracurricular and athletic programs.

A link to each college’s website is provided. For colleges to which WVHS students (Class of 2009-present) have applied, there is statistical information on numbers applying, admitted, and enrolled with a link to a “scattergram” graph.

College Search

Enter criteria such as size, location, cost, availability of specific majors or athletic programs, and students can produce a list of colleges that meet their criteria.

College Match & College Compare

College Match analyzes applications from other students at WVHS to find colleges that have accepted students with a GPA and test scores similar to those of your child. Similarly, students can enter a list of schools into College Compare to view WVHS student acceptance statistics quickly and easily.

Acceptance History

This feature shows all colleges to which WVHS students have been accepted, the number of students accepted and number enrolling at each.


A graphical view of application outcomes (accepted, denied, waitlisted) at a college for recent WVHS applicants, using GPA and SAT scores. Students can gauge their chances of acceptance by comparing personal GPA/SAT numbers with those of successful applicants.

College Application Process

In your personal accounts, Family Connection allows you to organize personal data, lay out a game plan, maintain a list of prospective colleges, and track the application process.

Students will also use Family Connection to request that their transcript and other supporting documents be sent to each college, scholarship, career or other program opportunities.