College Planning for Seniors – Yearly Checklist

College Planning for Seniors – Yearly Checklist

Follow this checklist and carefully note all DEADLINES.


  • Maintain a challenging and rigorous schedule of classes, as this level of course work is the best preparation for academic success in college.
  • Attend your “Senior Conference” as scheduled by your counselor.
  • Complete your “Senior Information Sheet” and return it to the Guidance Office (see last page) DO THIS RIGHT AWAY!
  • Send to colleges for a catalog, application for admission and Financial Aid Information.
  • Register for SAT I See registration deadlines.
  • Register for SAT II if required.
  • Register for ACT if necessary (read admissions requirements carefully and check registration deadlines.)
  • Attend information sessions with college representatives and check when open houses are at the colleges you are interested in applying to.
  • Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse if you plan on playing Division I or II Athletics (
  • Do well in all of your classes, first quarter grades are important.
  • Encourage parents to attend College Kickoff
  • Before the financial aid process begins, you must apply for a PIN (personal identification number) from the US Department of Education at This will allow you to electronically file your FAFSA form.


  • Decide if you will be applying to any schools as an early decision or early action candidate and if so, follow through ASAP.
  • Respectfully, and in a timely manner, request letters of recommendations from your teachers.
  • Begin completing college admissions applications and return to your counselor, or inform them if applying online.
  • Request your counselor to send your records to the colleges where you have applied.
  • Note carefully DEADLINES for college applications and admissions tests.
  • Check to see if the colleges you are applying to require the CSS Financial Profile. (Forms are available in Guidance and online at
  • Obtain FAFSA (Federal Aid Form) from Guidance Office or online here.
  • Check deadlines for scholarship and financial aid information. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Attend College Fair(s).


  • Take the SAT.
  • Applications should be mailed this month!!!
  • Obtain Financial Aid materials from each college you are considering.


  • Take SAT II, if required by a college you are applying to.
  • See that all records, recommendations and applications have been sent as required by colleges.
  • Continue to take care of getting good grades. Colleges want your first semester report card as part of your application.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night.


  • Focus on mid-year and final exams – all of the schools you applied to will ask for and receive your mid-year/7th semester grades.
  • Click here to go to Financial Aid Timeline.

February, March, April, May

  • Waiting period for acceptances.
  • Continue to do your best work. The quality of your work cannot be allowed to deteriorate. College acceptances are PROVISIONAL until your final grades are received!
  • Notify your counselor of your college acceptances as well as your final choice.
  • Show your counselor all letters of acceptance AND letters awarding scholarships and other financial aid.
  • Withdraw applications where you will not attend, as this may make room for someone else.
  • Complete and return the local scholarship applications you received in the mail.