Warwick Valley High School to remain remote-only through Thanksgiving recess


Warwick Valley High School to remain remote-only through Thanksgiving recess

November 16, 2020

Dear Warwick Valley High School Parents, Guardians, and Staff,

As we work through this pandemic, the school district is addressing its high school students’ needs by making decisions based on our COVID-19 data, tracing information, identifiable trends, and newly established best practices for school operations.

Since Halloween weekend, 14 high school students have tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in the suspension of in-person instruction at the high school since Thursday, November 5, and the quarantining of 306 students and 30 staff members. 

This rise in the number of infections since Halloween, not only in our high school students but also in the general population, has shown us that the upcoming holiday season, related travel, and increased social gatherings outside of school will pose additional risks for our students and staff at the high school, in particular. The reality is high school adolescents are more social, even under the restrictions of a pandemic. They also have typical school days that involve multiple interactions with various teachers, staff, and other students throughout the building. 

Therefore, Warwick Valley High School will offer only remote instruction to all students through the Thanksgiving Recess. This “pause” of in-person instruction will provide ample time to investigate any potential new positive COVID-19 cases that may arise without the need to quarantine more students and staff. 

It seems inevitable that if the district takes no action, the result will be similar disruptions to the student school calendar, program, and education with the potential of more quarantining.

I am sure by now that you are aware that plans may change based on circumstances. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Warm regards,

Marguerite Fusco, High School Principal 

David Leach, Superintendent of Schools



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