Warwick Valley Artist of the Week:  Sydney Tomlinson


Warwick Valley Artist of the Week: Sydney Tomlinson

September 13, 2019

‘If you want to make a story without words, you can do that with art’

Sanfordville Elementary first-grader Sydney Tomlinson wants people to know that art is very important to her and should be to others, too.

This young artist loves to try new things, stretch her imagination and, as her teacher Leah Mednick says, “just create.”

Artist of the week Sydney TomlinsonHer passion for the medium and her helpfulness to others are some of the reasons why she is this week’s Warwick Valley “Artist of the Week.”

“I like how you can use the colors to make different things,” said Sydney. “My favorite colors are light blue, because I like when you put the color on the paper, it shines; purple, because it’s a dark color and you can mix it with other colors to make it even darker; and yellow, because I like the sun and yellow can shine really bright.”

Sydney also stressed that she likes to use colors to make random shapes.

“Sometimes I turn shapes into elephants,” she said

Elephants, by the way, are her second favorite animals.  Horses get first-place ranking.

“This is a student who goes above and beyond,” said Mrs. Mednick. “Sydney enjoys art class and works had to achieve her goals.  She is helpful around the room by encouraging peers and cleaning up supplies.”

Sydney’s love of art began when she was age 4.

“My grandparents took me and my brother to this art place,” she said. “There was some really good artwork there. I was like…I want to start doing art, too.”

Since then, Sydney has developed a passion for taking color and using it in different ways.   

“Sometimes you can hang it up and sometimes can you make something to remind you of your family,” Sydney said. “My family is the best because we play a lot and on Halloween, we’re going to make jack o’lanterns.”     

Sydney also recognizes that art — whether it’s watercolors, acrylic paints, crayons or colored pencils — can make a statement and tell a tale.

“I can make all kinds of different shapes and pictures,” she added. “If you want to make a story without words, you can do that with art. You can take it home and tell your family all about it.”   



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