Warwick musicians selected to 2024 All-County ensembles


Warwick musicians selected to 2024 All-County ensembles

February 13, 2024

Congratulations, to the Warwick Valley musicians who have been selected to this year’s OCMEA All-County ensembles! Each year, we are reminded what an accomplishment it is, to be chosen from among hundreds of auditioning students from music programs across Orange County.

The opportunity to create and collaborate with musical peers from other schools is one of many invaluable opportunities that these annual Orange County Music Educators Association’s festivals provide.

The All-County audition process requires serious preparation, and earning a seat in an All-County ensemble really speaks to the dedication and hard work that these Warwick performers put in. 

Great job, everyone!

All-County High School Band

  • Kayla Ludovicy, oboe
  • Talia Hartigan, flute
  • Anthony Gomez, flute
  • Megan Forman, clarinet
  • Conrad Wendell, trombone
  • Flora Gilley, trombone
  • Abigail Gatdula, mallets

All-County High School Chorus

  • Danielle Bossolina, choir
  • Emily Bujosa, choir
  • Haven Cardine, choir
  • Wyatt Cirbus, choir
  • Joshua Cornelius, choir
  • Lena Jodry, choir
  • Michael Kelly, choir
  • Phoebe Paddock, choir
  • Sal Spinelli, choir
  • Matthew Poje, choir
  • Abigail Yurchuck, choir
  • Conner Price, choir
  • James Kennedy, choir

All-County High School Orchestra

  • Dania Barillas, violin
  • Grace Cornelius, violin
  • Isabella Costanza, violin
  • Andrew Redling, violin
  • Skylar Rosenblatt, violin
  • Arielle Seid, violin
  • Sydney Stirpe, violin
  • Anika Brezina, violin
  • Cavan Byrne, violin
  • Ava Cauda, violin
  • Nina Cirillo, violin
  • Julyssa Hernandez, violin
  • Addison O’Donnell, violin
  • Reagan Oswald, violin
  • Charlene Petreshock, violin
  • Zach Polsky, violin
  • Eliana Schlesinger, violin
  • Olivia Holland, viola
  • Victoria Martinez, viola
  • Lucia Meehan, viola
  • Angelina Nguyen, viola
  • Ashlyn Brown, cello
  • Logan Conley, cello
  • Giannna Crescimanno, cello
  • Nathan Link- cello
  • Olivia Samberg, cello
  • Jakob Uon, cello
  • Madison Buliung, bass

All-County High School Jazz Band

  • Benjamin Poka, drum set
  • Anthony Gomez, vocalist
  • Conner Price, vocalist
  • Julyssa Hernandez, vocalist
  • Phoebe Paddock, vocalist
  • Victoria Martinez, vocalist
  • Emily Bujosa, vocalist
  • Olivia Samberg, vocalist
  • Natalia Yacab, vocalist

All-County Junior High Band

  • Grace Stough
  • Erin Murphy
  • Stella Muehlbauer
  • Rosalie Mountford
  • Trixie Wendell

All-County Junior High Orchestra

  • Jane Cornelius
  • Caitlin Moser
  • Madeline Oppman
  • Isabelle Redling
  • Felicity Philip
  • Anya Campbell
  • Jaxon Mita
  • Juliet Pulido
  • Violet Colins
  • James Chavez Carey

All-County Junior High Choir

  • Kayli Decker
  • Abigail Gawronski
  • Emerson Powers
  • Jenny Walker
  • Clair Wittrock
  • Fiona Sezack
  • Caroline Castellano
  • Alex Cardenas
  • Camden Tracy

All-County Elementary Orchestra

  • Mila Chan
  • Alexander Mita
  • Angelica Costanza
  • Kaitlyn Cosco
  • Lola Stern-Crespo
  • Connor Brown
  • Molly Brady
  • Lila Mae Semioli
  • Ella Sisco Heller
  • Anastasia Nguyen
  • Brody Foust
  • Charley Schweiger
  •  Jayden Maynard

All-County Elementary Band

  • Lainey Murphy
  • Isabella Cordova
  • Elizabeth Fenfert
  • Presley Forbes
  • Robert Young
  • Alternates
  • Jocelyn Brock
  • Benjamin Loibl


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