Superintendent’s Spotlight: Yashveer Alagh


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Yashveer Alagh

November 12, 2021

Eighth grade student Yashveer Alagh said his favorite subjects at the moment are Social Studies and Math, but he said he’s also been excited about his introduction to Green Architecture this year. The aspiring engineer also adds the “A” to “STEAM”; he has played saxophone since fourth grade and is currently in rehearsals for the Middle School Band’s winter concert. 

“I’ve known Yashveer since fifth grade. His grades have always been exceptional, and he has been a student leader who is polite and respectful,” said WVMS Associate Principal Mr. Jared Yapkowitz. “He exhibits the traits of both an Innovator and Creator, which we hold in high esteem as part of our District’s Portrait of a Graduate. Yashveer excels in our STEM programs and is very interested in technology.”

That interest led Yashveer to a new hobby. Yashveer began researching how to build computers. He said quite a few of his friends had PCs and, while he wanted to get one too, he talked with his parents and just wasn’t sure he’d get enough use out of it to justify the cost. 

“But, in November last year I decided to propose to them that if I could learn how to build one, that would be cool and save money, then maybe they might go for that,” he said. They did and gave Yashveer the components he needed for Christmas. He had the machine up and running within a couple of hours, from its circuitry to the operating system. 

“People make [building PCs] sound really complex, or really hard,” said Yashveer. “When you’re doing it for the first time it might be a bit difficult, but after you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.” 

Yashveer took on a second build right away for his cousin, customizing a PC to his specific requests.

“He wasn’t gaming; he was just doing stocks,” explained Yashveer. “So, I gave him more storage and less graphics. I play a lot of video games, so mine has better graphics.”

Interestingly, that cousin inspired Yashveer’s own interest in the stock market, and it just happened to be at the same time he was staring yet another brand-new subject in school. One that really piqued his interest.

“Financial Literacy was just recently introduced,” he said excitedly. “That really helps with money saving and everything, and I’m really interested in what you could do with that – learning how to use your money wisely.”

So, Yashveer has picked up new financial know-how in class at the same time he’s begun learning the ins and outs of trading stocks at home with the help of his parents. At the moment, they are tracking Microsoft shares as a way to study the market and learn how to buy and sell. 

“When I’m ready, I’m going to get an account that I can use and start doing it myself,” said Yashveer about his future stock trading plans. “I’ll keep an eye on things like Sony, because I know that they come out with a lot of different products and consoles. So, if I know when those things are coming out, right before different things come out, I’ll try to buy some stocks.” 

As for next year, Yashveer is already looking forward to even more opportunities to explore technology at the High School. In the short term, he’s excited to be turning fourteen soon. He can’t wait to finally get his working papers.   

“I’m going to be legally allowed to get a job, so I’m going to try and work for a bit during winter break and get enough money to upgrade my PC,” he said, adding that he’ll also be working his recreational league basketball games into the schedule. 

“It has been a pleasure watching Yashveer grow throughout middle school,” said Associate Principal Yapkowitz. “We know he’s going to do great things in High School next year, and we’re all looking forward to seeing how his story continues.”

Yashveer Alagh


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