Superintendent’s Spotlight: Sophia Maybeck


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Sophia Maybeck

December 20, 2022

Each week, Warwick Valley Central School District Superintendent Dr. David Leach shines the Superintendent’s Spotlight on one of Warwick Valley’s amazing students. Superintendent’s Spotlights feature students who reach goals, face challenges, and are role models to their peers.

Sophia Maybeck, a sixth grade student at WVMS, attended a middle school visit earlier this year from the organization Mallory’s Army. The organization promotes kindness among students, encourages them to unite in their efforts against bullying, and empowers them to be the kind of people they would want to meet. The group’s message centers around the tragic story of Mallory Rose Grossman, who, at just 12 years old, took her own life after months of bullying at school and online.

“When Sophia participated in the Mallory’s Army event, it really had a huge impact on her and has stayed with her,” said WVMS Principal Georgianna Diopoulos. “So much so, that she has spent days since making jewelry and selling them at the Makers Market so she could donate the earnings to Mallory’s Army.”

Sophia and her mom went to the event together. The presentation included scenes from the movie MALLORY, produced and presented by The Mallory Foundation. The movie features Mallory’s mother and others who knew her, and talks about the bullying that ultimately led to Mallory’s suicide.

“When Mallory decided to kill herself because everyone was being so rude to her, it was really sad to me to think of something like that,” said Sophia. “The girls posted things like ‘go kill yourself,’ and me and my friend just looked at each other like, wow. I knew I wanted to do as much as I could to help her mom, so she can keep on going to schools to do these events.”

A detail of Mallory’s story that resonated with Sophia was Mallory’s love of arts and crafts, and particularly making bracelets. Mallory understood that something as simple as a bracelet on your arm could act as a reminder to be the good in our world, and would encourage people to live “a bracelet KIND of life.” She made and sold bracelets to raise money for her favorite charity.

“Mallory made bracelets and I did that too,” said Sophia, who immediately got inspired by Mallory’s example and decided to raise as much money as she could. “I told my mom about it, and she said, ‘I love that idea!’”

Making bracelets has been a hobby of Sophia’s for a couple of years now, one that she picked up by watching instructional videos. Not only does she enjoy the creativity and process involved, she’s also always dreamed of trying to sell her bracelets at the local Maker’s Markets.

Her bespoke creations are usually gifted to friends and family.

“But, I really wanted to do my own business,” she said. “So I did!”

Sophia’s dad provided the start-up capital needed to gather supplies and start production. It didn’t take long for Sophia to rake in a few hundred dollars, with bracelets selling briskly at $8.00 a piece!

Sophia sent almost all of her proceeds straight to Mallory’s Army.

“I had to keep a little bit of it, because I have to get more beads,” said Mallory with a smile. “I’m going to do this again next year, too!”

Sophia and her dad are working on a website and an Etsy shop. Her charitable business venture will be called Sophie’s Creations. Combining creativity and compassion is a very “Mallory” way to be, and that’s just what Sophia is doing by bringing together her own entrepreneurial dream and her call to advocacy against bullying.

“Someone bullied me before, and it really impacted me,” Sophia shared. “I didn’t like it at all, so I think you should always put yourself into other shoes.”

If you would like to learn more about what inspired Sophia, she encourages students and parents to visit the Mallory’s Army website at

Sophia and WVMS Principal Georgianna Diopoulos.


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