Superintendent’s Spotlight: Reagan Smith


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Reagan Smith

April 22, 2022

Eighth grade student Reagan Smith is having a great time in the home stretch of her Middle School career, while looking ahead with excitement to her freshman year at WVHS. Even though that’s just a little over four months away, the high honor roll student is keeping the pedal to the metal. Reagan is excelling academically, staying involved in all kinds of activities, and acting as a Wildcat Ambassador for other students who are about to experience their first years of middle School.

During her sixth grade year, Reagan was recommended by one of her teachers to be a Wildcat Ambassador, a leadership program in the middle school that has older students serve as tour guides and answer questions from incoming fourth graders and their parents. She said she was nervous for her Ambassador interview, but decided to go for it.

“I answered all the questions and was just being myself,” said Reagan. “Then, at the start of 7th grade, it was so much fun. I got to show these new fifth graders around the building and all these parents, and it was fun to be in a leadership role like that.”

WVMS Principal Ms. Georgianna Diopoulos said Regan has a great way with parents who may be nervous about their child entering a new school. By sharing the anxieties she felt as an incoming fifth grader and her positive experiences throughout her four year at the middle school, she has been a reassuring voice.

“She smiles throughout her tours and has great communication skills. Along with her magnetic personality, she’s been able to make parents feel better,” said Ms. Diopoulos.

Reagan said she feels looked up to by the younger students and, as much as she loves taking them on tours, she also understands how important her role is with parents.

“With the students, it’s saying ‘I’m here with you’, and I’ve been through this, and you’re going to love it,” she said. “With the parents, I couldn’t imagine your first kid going into the big middle school, so I like sharing what I can to make them feel comfortable.”

Reagan has been a regular on the Honor Roll list since fifth grade and said her favorite subjects are math and ELA – particularly creative writing.

“I’ve always loved math, which I guess is kind of weird because not everyone loves math,” Reagan said with a shrug and a smile, adding that she finds it interesting and, “Kinda’ easy. Ever since elementary school! I just love math, and all my math teachers.”

Reagan enjoys creative writing in her ELA class.

“Essays and writing prompts aren’t my favorite, but when we get to free-write, it’s a little more creative,” she said. “That’s my favorite because it’s just fun to see where my mind takes me.”

WVMS Associate Principal Mr. Christopher Radon said that Reagan stands out at the middle school for her leadership and ability to connect with others, as well as her involvement in a number of different facets of middle school life.

“Reagan has done an exceptional job as an Ambassador! But in addition to that, she’s an athlete, she’s been part of our drama program. She’s an exceptional student,” said Mr. Radon.

Among Reagan’s many interests and activities is sports. One of her older sisters attends the University of Notre Dame and competes on its track team, and that has been an inspiration for Reagan.

“This year I played modified volleyball in the fall. I got to run varsity indoor track this year, since there’s no modified for that,” she said. “Spring track is just starting and I’ll be on the modified team. My sister goes to college at Notre Dame and runs track. So it’s kind of, like, in the family. I love it!”

“I’ve always been impressed by that,” said Mr. Radon. “Reagan’s siblings are also exceptional student-athletes – which is amazing, and they’re supportive – and Reagan doesn’t feel any pressure from that. She’s been rocking it in her own rite, definitely developing into her own person.”

Reagan said that she’s looking forward to the final days of the school year, and making sure to enjoy it all.

“It’s the last weeks of middle school,” she said. “I get to have fun with my friends, have fun with sports, and keep on doing well in school.”

Still, Reagan was excited to share that she has already chosen her electives for her freshman year.

“I really listened to my other sister (WVHS sophomore Erin Smith) on that, because I didn’t want to make a bad decision,” Reagan laughed. “So, I’ll be taking fashion design, digital photography, and mixed chorus!”

And, you can be sure Reagan will be involved in much, much more during her freshman year and beyond!


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