Superintendent’s Spotlight: Olive Weaver


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Olive Weaver

May 27, 2021

Fifth grade Distance Learning Academy (DLA) student Olive Weaver has stayed on top of her classes and in touch with her friends this year by making the most of the District’s remote learning resources. She was named Student of the Month in April, and said she loves all things science and social studies, adding that she simply cannot get enough on the topic of ancient civilizations!

Olive has also been creative – not to mention ambitious – when it’s come to finding ways to occupy her free time. With encouragement and collaboration from her neighbor (and BFF) Cavan Byrne, who is also a WVMS DLA student, Olive decided to launch a lemonade stand.

Olive quickly came to appreciate the resources and opportunities that the DLA provided. She said her DLA experience has helped her become more independent in her studies, and said it has been really easy to use the District’s technology to connect with teachers and friends online.

“In the summer, we just wanted to do something where we could spend some time together,” said Olive. 

She and Cavan had been carefully quarantining as a next-door-besties pod, so they were able to jump right into handling the day-to-day operations of the stand together. Their business plan was too good to fail: delicious drinks, from a low to no-contact stand, in an absolutely prime selling location.

“Our houses are right by Deming Park,” said Olive. “So, even with Covid, we knew a lot of people would be out walking around there!”

With hand sanitizer set out for their customers and hand-made signage encouraging pandemic safety, Olive and Cavan provided their neighborhood a safe outdoor spot to pick up a beverage while out on a walk. Happy & Homemade was open for business and the lemonade was a hit!

Olive Weaver, left, and Cavan Byrne keeping shop at Happy & Homemade, their refreshments (and so much more) stand near Deming Park.

Clientele grew quickly and so did the menu, with the addition of more cool summer refreshments. That’s when the girls expanded their marketing by placing flyers around the village, a move that made their foot traffic grow even more. By the time summer turned to fall, sales were still heating up, so they added hot cocoa. And then, they took it up yet another level.

“Olive just decided she wanted to start baking at one point,” said Olive’s mom, Jess Barret Weaver. “And that’s when the stand started having baked goods.”

In fact, Happy & Homemade was selling baked goods right into the fall, including Olive’s signature sugar cookies, banana bread and pumpkin bread. She and Cavan also began making cotton masks and designing tee shirts that they also sold at the stand.

“We were thinking ‘this could be really big for us,’” said Olive, about her and Cavan’s financial goals for the stand. “I mean, our parents aren’t going to just be handing us money!”

Olive and Cavan are also proud of the charitable giving aspect of Happy & Homemade, which they built into their plan. A portion of the stand’s revenue is being earmarked for Winslow Therapeutic, a local equestrian facility that helps “children and adults with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges find strength and independence through equine-assisted activities and therapies.

“Cavan’s family knows the people at Winslow, so we thought that was a great charity to help out,” said Olive. “We’ve been setting aside a percentage of our profits, and we’re planning to make our first donation later this summer.”

What’s next for Happy & Homemade? Olive and Cavan plan to keep the stand going, and there is yet another addition coming to the menu this summer. 

“They’re doing a veggie garden now,” said Ms. Barret Weaver, about the latest Happy & Homemade research and development project. “They’ve been growing everything right from seedlings, and they’re hoping they can start offering produce at the stand this summer.”

Everything the stand offers is made by Olive and Cavan, whether it’s been juiced, squeezed, stirred, baked, sewn, or designed. They love giving their customers something to smile about (like a sweet treat), or even something to smile behind (like a sweet mask). So, if you are out and about near Deming Park this summer, be sure to make your way to the stand.  





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