Superintendent’s Spotlight: Laura Cook


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Laura Cook

June 24, 2021

Laura Cook was inducted into the Henry C. Lamoreaux Warwick Chapter of the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society this spring. She is currently ranked fifth in Warwick Valley High School’s junior class, holds a 103 grade-point average and scored a 1,540 on the SATs.

Laura is driven. She works hard to succeed.

Her goal is to go to college to become a high school math teacher. In the meantime, she plans to get licensed in the high school’s three-period cosmetology program so she can work as a hair stylist throughout college. This summer, you may find her working at a local salon.

“Usually you have to say things just once to Laura and she’s on it. She’s going to do it until she gets it right,” said her cosmetology teacher Kathleen Bettello. In fact, Ms. Bettello thinks so highly of Laura that she recommended her to local hair salons who called her this spring asking her for recommendations of students who are ready to work in the field.

“She’s not only very talented and gifted intellectually, she’s a good natured young lady and gets along well with everybody,” Ms. Bettello said. “I’m just very proud of her and the work she does. She’ll do well with anything she puts her mind to.”

“I’ve always had an interest in hair and makeup but cosmetology isn’t what I want to do with my life,” Laura said. “I want to be a math teacher.”

She’s always enjoyed math, but realizes not everyone enjoys it as much as she does.

“I know a lot of people don’t enjoy math, but I want to teach it and try to make it something people can enjoy a little bit more and not have it be such a terrible thing for them,” she said.

She said she’ll enjoy finding new ways to teach her students that will hold their attention.

“I think a lot of people get frustrated with having it explained in just one way,” she added. “People need multiple ways of seeing different concepts in math. I want to help kids figure out the best way it is for them to learn it and enjoy it.”

Laura credits her ninth-grade math teacher – Alexis Grable – for inspiring her to seek a career as a math teacher. Her hope is to teach Calculus or another AP-level math course. “I just like the whole subject, really,” Laura said.

“She was in Honors Geometry with me and she dove right into the curriculum making sure to master each topic,” Ms. Grable said. “Laura is all around a great student. I was always impressed with her organizational skills. Her notebook in class was always neat and color coordinated. I really admire Laura’s work ethic.  Many times she would tell me how early she would wake up before school started to finish up homework she hadn’t gotten a chance to complete the previous night.”

She was on the school’s Math Team freshman and sophomore year and plans to return next year for her senior year. She was also on the Crew Team in her sophomore year. She also draws and rides dirt bikes when she has time, she said.

“In her future I see her doing great things,” Ms. Grable said. “I believe Laura would be great teaching a high level math class.” 


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