Superintendent’s Spotlight: Garrett Judd


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Garrett Judd

September 16, 2021

Seventh grade student Garrett Judd is what you might call a “middle school triple threat” — a hardworking, standout student in athletics, academics, and the arts. Whether in the classroom, on the field, or practicing his instruments, Garrett genuinely loves the challenges he takes on and works hard to achieve his goals. As his principal also points out, he’s also developed a reputation as a helpful peer mentor who’s always willing to lend a hand to help out a classmate. 

“Garrett does well in school, he’s an athlete, and just an all-around great kid,” said WVMS Principal Georgianna Diopoulos. “He’s also one of the most thoughtful kids in our building, and does things like helping a younger student walk to class every day.”

Garrett came into the 2021-2022 school year off a streak of four consecutive marking periods on High Honor Roll last year. He’s gotten off to a fast start this year, and has particularly been enjoying the lessons in his favorite classes, math and science. 

“I’m good at math because I guess I’m just good with numbers,” said Garrett. “And science is just really fun!”

He likes the hands-on experimentation that goes on in science class, and that “trying to figure things out” is what keeps the subject fun and engaging to him. He’s also willing to freely share the knowledge he picks up, like when he recently helped a friend with some homework he’d been struggling with. 

“What we were doing in class that day just wasn’t his strong suit, but it was mine,” he explained. “It just feels good to help people. When they accomplish something, you accomplish something.”

When it comes to athletics, Garrett is active in both lacrosse and wrestling at the modified level. 

“My dad always wrestled, so he wanted us to wrestle,” said Garrett. “All three of us — me, my older brother, my younger brother — we’re all into it now.” 

Garrett enjoys wrestling’s one-on-one competition because, as he put it, “It kind of teaches you confidence, because it’s just you out there on the mat.”

He also started out playing baseball, but found the sport a little slow. 

“My brother plays lacrosse, so I decided to get into that,” he said. He did, and has been having a blast as a midfielder ever since.

Garrett’s older brother, Brady, was also his influence to begin studying piano. Garrett would often go with his mother to pick Brady up from lessons. When the teacher sensed Garrett’s interest, she encouraged him to begin lessons too. 

“It’s been six or seven years now that I’ve been playing piano,” said Garrett. He’s also excited to be playing his first live and in-person concert with the Middle School band this year, as last year’s were filmed and then shared with families via video.

So, what is Garrett looking forward to this school year? 

“I’m looking forward to the sports seasons starting and just keeping my grades up,” he said.

Great goals, Garrett. We look forward to seeing all that you’ll accomplish this year and beyond!


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