Superintendent’s Spotlight: Edward Mulvey


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Edward Mulvey

May 6, 2022

WVHS senior Ed Mulvey kicked off his final year of high school by achieving Cum Laude Honor Roll status in the first semester. Not surprising, as Ed approaches his studies with a proactive “put in the work” approach and upbeat attitude. It’s won him a reputation not just as a hard worker, but as a positive influence around the school community. Principal Marguerite Fusco said that Ed has been a stellar student in all of his classes since his freshman year.

“Throughout the years, his teachers have approached me to say, what a wonderful student Ed is,” said Ms. Fusco. “He works hard, he does great work. He’s also always so complimentary to his peers, always kind, and his teachers have the utmost respect for him.”

This year, Ed has been creating great content in Mr. Dan Cecconie’s video production class. He has particularly enjoyed working on commercials for local Warwick businesses. In the winter, he produced one for the popular Warwick eatery, Eddie’s Roadhouse.

“I selected them not because it had my name in it, but because my parents went there and said they had a really good time,” said Ed. “I figured, why not go there and make a commercial for them!”

This spring, Ed will be producing a commercial for United Martial Arts Center in Warwick, a place he became familiar with when he accompanied his mom to some kickboxing classes. Ed enjoys the planning and conceptualizing that goes into a commercial shoot.

“Where should I set up this shot? Should I pan left or right? How does my writing affect the mood of the person who is watching? What happens if I change the lighting?”

Ed also credits video production class for being a great way to sharpen his communication skills, something he has challenged himself to do when the Mulvey family first moved to Warwick from the Woodlawn neighborhood of the Bronx after his sixth grade year.

“When I was younger, I didn’t used to be very social, and when I moved up here, that changed,” said Ed. “I became a little bit more social. It wasn’t because the kids down in the Bronx weren’t kind, it was because I was in a new area and didn’t know anybody, so I just broke the habit of staying in my room, because I should at least know some people up here.”

Edward said he also enjoyed 3D media art last quarter, and is now really into his graphic design class. A true creator, Edward is also looking forward to an upcoming class project in economics – creating the concept and business plan for a food truck.

“We design our own food trucks, then we come up with a menu, and decide what our prices should be,” he said.

Edward recently co-founded the high school’s new Yugi-Oh Club, a group of students who gather to play the popular TCG during their lunch break. Even though he doesn’t take much interest in the game himself, Edward was just as glad to help his friends out with getting the club off the ground.

“It’s mainly for them,” he said, “so that they have a place where they can play during lunch.”

Edward plans to take his design and gaming interests into college. He will be starting SUNY Orange in the fall, and plans to study computer science with a greater goal in mind – to get into the video game industry and design video games.

Edward has enjoyed being active his whole life. He ran track his freshman through junior years, and wrestled during his final two years of middle school. Even with his busy course schedule, Edward said he still enjoys keeping up with his physical fitness during his scant free time.

“I work out when I’m at home, and I mostly do cardio,” he said, adding that he also does free weight activities like the bench press.

With his senior year wrapping up, Edward is looking forward to academic and student life at SUNY Orange, meeting new people and taking on new academic challenges. He also shared his advice for students coming up behind him is to always be sure to put a lot of time and effort in their assignments.

“If you can, while you’re at home, try to finish it up, or in study halls,” encourages Edward. “Another thing is to just keep going. Don’t stop at all.”

Great words that Ms. Fusco said she wishes every incoming freshman could hear.

“Everybody who meets Edward knows what a wonderful person he is and has the greatest respect for his diligence and commitment to his schoolwork,” she said. “And he’s just been a model student during his four years here. Thank you, Ed, for always giving us your best.”


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