Superintendent’s Spotlight: Clair & Aislin Wendt


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Clair & Aislin Wendt

January 14, 2021

Fourth grade Sanfordville Elementary students, and twin sisters, Clair and Aislin Wendt exemplify the attributes of PAWS behavior, and their teacher, Mrs. Stacy Fitzgerald, is proud of them for what they bring to the classroom.  

First, you should know that PAWS is an acronym that stands for:

  • Practice being a friend.
  • Always be respectful.
  • Work to learn and grow.
  • Safety first.

These are day-to-day guidelines students in the district are encouraged to follow to make good decisions, treat one another with respect and model positive behavior amongst their peers.

“Aislin and Clair are supportive of those around them, and show all the time how to be polite, accountable and make wise choices,” said Mrs. Fitzgerald. “They’re quick to compliment and encourage each other and their classmates, and they’re friendly and kind to everyone they meet.”

Mrs. Fitzgerald added, “They’re the type of students who – if they see a classmate accomplish something for the first time – are the first ones to jump in with a congratulatory ‘way to go,’ or ‘that’s amazing!’”

She also said that they come to class with smiles on their faces every day, whether in school or logging in from home. That’s positivity that spreads to everyone, and is especially helpful during these times, when it’s tough not getting to see others as often as we’d all prefer.

When it comes to academics, both Aislin and Clair love the problem-solving nature of science.

“I really enjoy science because it’s hands on,” said Aislin. “But, I also like math and, to be honest, I love Art, too.”

“Science, math and reading. We’re always reading books at home and with our family,” said Clair. The twins often ask their teacher for more book recommendations.  

“Clair and Ashlynn are very inquisitive,” said Mrs. Fitzgerald. “They’re comfortable sharing what they’re reading at home and they’re just very inquisitive; they love to ask questions and push themselves.”

The good energy they bring to their studies and the classroom, Aislin and Clair also bring to the field! Both are very active in sports and outdoor recreation.

“Basketball, lacrosse” said Aislin.

“Travel soccer,” added Clair.

“I ski,” said Aislin. “Fishing, kayaking.”

“Oh, and hiking,” Clair concluded.

Both Aislin and Clair explained that they enjoy having teammates and being part of the team dynamic. It’s no surprise that they have been recognized for being great team players.

“Sports is a fun way to spend time outside of school,” said Aislin. “It’s fun to meet new people.”

Finally, it is clear that Aislin and Clair also exhibit the qualities of what we call Lifelong Learners – an important part of our district’s Portrait of a Graduate. Both students are enthusiastic about learning, and that enthusiasm has led them to self-directed learning. They have honored the work of their teachers by embracing and continuing their own education beyond the classroom, where they have also made an impact.

“Both girls enhance the learning that takes place in our classroom with their thoughtful questions and ideas,” said Mrs. Fitzgerald. “Aislin and Clair put their best efforts into all they do and work hard to achieve their goals!”  


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