Superintendent’s Spotlight: Alyssa Wixtrom


Superintendent’s Spotlight: Alyssa Wixtrom

June 3, 2021

When Alyssa Wixtrom returned to school following spring break, the WVHS junior hit the ground running – literally! Not only did Alyssa maintain the stellar academic work she’d been doing, she also decided she was going to join the varsity track team. Spoiler Alert: It’s been personal bests at every step.

Teachers who have worked closely with her over the years can’t say enough about Alyssa’s combination of determination to always do her best and love of taking on new challenges.

“Since she attended Sanfordville, I’ve gotten to know Alyssa and her family,” said Ms. Christine Mahon. “And it’s extraordinary, the way Alyssa is always pushing herself toward improvement.”

Ms. Mahon recalls that Alyssa was somewhat quiet in kindergarten, first and second grades, but that she rather quickly developed into a “rock star” when it comes to speech and language. Those communication skills and her naturally friendly and talkative nature mean Alyssa gets along well with pretty much anybody. In fact, her communication skills have gotten her known as a peer ambassador in the classroom. She is often asked to check in with classmates, and is always first choice to show new classmates around the school.

“She’s one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met,” said Ms. Joelle Haggerty, who is Alyssa’s teacher. “She helps all the other students; she’s always looking after them. Alyssa is definitely a huge helper in my classroom.”

Alyssa said, “I just like helping people. My friend, who’s in eighth grade, came [to the High School] for the first time this year, so I showed him where to go – the counseling room, where the nurse is, the gym.”

Alyssa’s favorite subjects are math and science, and she has been part of the Foundations of Algebra class this year. 

“In science,” explained Alyssa, “I like learning about new topics and experiences. With math, I love trying new things that are challenging, like, right now in algebra we’re working on exponents.”

Ms. Haggerty can confirm Alyssa’s love of both math and a good challenge.   

“Alyssa excels in math! She’s excellent,” said Ms. Haggerty. “She even spends her free time solving equations, and the math games she plays in the classroom are high level stuff. She has just this inquisitive mind that’s always asking questions about things.”

Alyssa shared with her teachers that she loved running and wanted to run track for WVHS. Right away, she began advocating for herself and joined the varsity team.

“I just love running,” she said. “Every day when I got home from school, I would sprint up my driveway, so I wanted to try something new and just thought, ‘I’m going to join track.’”

WVHS Teacher Ryan Tobin spends time with Alyssa as she trains and competes in track and field events, including the 100 and 200 meter races.

“When Alyssa started running, she and I talked about different strategies she could apply in order to run to the best of her ability,” said Mr. Tobin. “And, typical Alyssa, she improved her running form and her times. Last month she even set more personal best times in her latest meet.”

Alyssa said she definitely plans to continue competing as part of the track and field team during her senior year. For now, though, she is looking forward to the District’s summer skills program, and its focus on some of her favorite interests – science, particularly ecology, and technology.

Between sprinting and studying, Alyssa finds time to get involved in her community. She’s an active Friday night youth group member at Calvary Church. She attends Grace Community Church on Sundays, where she helps with the church’s foster care ministry and adoption celebrations. You can also find Alyssa greeting people at the Orange County courthouse every year during National Adoption Day celebrations.

Alyssa’s accomplishments, work ethic, and gracious helper’s attitude are admirable – to say the least – but she’d rather share the credit than take it, which says even more about her.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I’ve done without my teachers, my family, and the other people in the district who support me,” she said.

We look forward to seeing you accomplish even more personal bests next year, Alyssa!



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