Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Zackery Felker


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Zackery Felker

March 12, 2021

Zackery Felker portrait

Zackery Felker’s favorite art project this year fills up almost an entire page in his sketchbook. It’s a drawing of his hand that’s also a self-portrait. He did the project for his eighth-grade art class with Nicole Sisco at Warwick Valley Middle School.

The fingers on the hand are objects that represent things and activities he likes to do with his family. One finger is a whisk, because he enjoys cooking with his mom. Another finger is a muffler because he and his dad both like cars.

“Without seeing the student’s face you are able to really see the student and get to the root of their interests and what they are really about,” Ms. Sisco said about the project. “The students finish it off with pen/ink using layers of values and textures. It is always a treat to see the unique products as well as the process for some students such as Zackery.”

Zackery started drawing after finding out that his father used to draw a little character when he was young.

“He called it Oscar,” Zackery said. “It was kind of like Captain Caveman. It was a big fuzz ball with little legs. So I started drawing stuff like that, and then I tried to draw my own characters. I’m not that good yet, but I think I want to improve.”

In the future, Zackery wants to combine art and computer programming. He came up with the idea after playing some computer games that featured 2D and 3D art. He has already started learning some JavaScript coding from a friend.

“I thought maybe I could learn how to draw and program so I can put art into a program or program an art piece.” Zackery said. “I want to get good at computer programming and art. Then I’ll try to balance them out and do something cool with them.”

Zackery’s favorite subjects in school are art, social studies and science. He’s looking forward to taking 3D modeling at the high school next year. Zackery also plays percussion in the band and was on the Honor Roll for the first two marking periods.

“I really like Ms. Sisco’s class,” Zackery said. “She’s really nice, she provides good instruction and I like the projects that we have been doing.”

Ms. Sisco describes Zackery as a courteous and conscientious student who always comes to class with an upbeat attitude.

“I truly enjoy his humble and gentle nature,” Ms. Sisco said. “Even when I told him that I wanted to nominate him for Artist of the Week, Zackery’s reaction was, ‘Are you sure you have the right Zack?’ He is unknowing of the limitless of his creativity and unique craft and that is part of the charm of his artwork.”


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