Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Nathan Link


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Nathan Link

April 23, 2021

Warwick Valley Middle School seventh grader Nathan Link plays the cello, just like his oldest sister Olivia, who is a junior at WVHS. He also plays the piano, just like his middle sister Zoe, a freshman.

You could say that Nathan is following the musical path of his two sisters, but he is also a leader.

“Beyond being just an outstanding player, Nathan excels as an ensemble member and leads by example,” said WVMS music teacher Christy Brown. “He is an extremely hard working, talented musician. He rises to take on any challenge thrown his way.”

Wire Choir advisor and WVHS music teacher Elissa Maynard also noticed Nathan’s leadership abilities.

 “Nathan is an absolutely amazing and impeccable leader,” Ms. Maynard said. “Throughout my career, I have witnessed the younger siblings feeling a little anxious or nervous when they are following behind their amazing older siblings because sometimes the pressure to be just as great is there. However, with Nathan, he is like a strong, quiet boulder that says ‘They are great but so am I, and I am a force to be reckoned with.’”

Nathan has been playing the piano since he was 7. At that time, Olivia was using a piano accompanist when she played cello. The accompanist also gave piano lessons, and that’s how Nathan got started. He is still taking private piano lessons.

At school, Nathan decided to play the cello in fourth grade after trying out different instruments. He also started taking private cello lessons.

“I feel like the cello had a certain sound that I liked and it was really fun to play”, said Nathan, who usually practices for about 20-30 minutes each day on both the cello and piano.

Nathan also sings in the chorus and was on the High Honor Roll for the first two marking periods. He is currently running on the WVMS outdoor track and field team.

Nathan also plays cello with his sisters Olivia (cello) and Zoe (viola) in both the Wire Choir and Fiddle Frenzy.

“It is truly every teacher’s dream to have students like Nathan, Zoe, and Olivia in a class individually, however, it is an even greater blessing to have them in an ensemble all at the same time,” Ms. Maynard said. “The Links all possess such a mature and graceful approach to music that is well beyond their years. I know Nathan, along with his sisters, will be successful in any endeavor they choose in life. I am just happy to say I got to be a small part of their journey.”

Artist of the Week Nathan Link


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