Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Molly Brady


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Molly Brady

November 11, 2020

Back when Molly Brady was a first grader, which was last year, she impressed Park Avenue Elementary School music teacher Katlyn Chester by volunteering to play the piano in class. This year Molly has continued to enjoy and excel in music both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Molly is one of the most musical students that I have had the pleasure of teaching at Park Avenue Elementary School,” Ms. Chester said. “Molly brings such a bright positive energy to music class that is definitely noticed by her classmates. She is the first person to volunteer to sing a solo and is not afraid to make a mistake, which encourages others to take a chance. Molly is a student that leads by example through being a good role model and being kind to others.”

Molly started taking piano lessons and violin lessons when she was 5-years-old. Last year she was the only first grader to play an instrument (the piano) at the Park Avenue talent show. Molly is also the youngest member of the Fiddle Frenzy music group.

“Molly is such a sweet, hard-working musician,” said Christy Brown, who runs Fiddle Frenzy and teaches at the Warwick Valley Middle School. “She sings, plays piano and violin.  She is very driven for her age. I look forward to seeing her musicianship grow.”

Molly started on the violin and piano after seeing her older sister Samantha, a freshman at Warwick Valley High School, play both instruments. Molly said Samantha helps her out musically and sometimes they play together.

“I really like to play music, and I think my music sounds good,” Molly said. “I like playing in front of people because I get to hear the music that I play.”

Sometimes Molly will learn a song on one instrument and then try figure out where those notes are and what register they are in so she can play it on the other instrument. Molly currently has weekly violin lessons and piano lessons, in addition to going to dance and soccer practices. That keeps her pretty busy, which is the way she likes it.


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