Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Madeleine Gawronski


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Madeleine Gawronski

January 8, 2021

Warwick Valley High School senior Madeleine Gawronski has always been artistic. However, a few years ago she found herself less interested in doing art projects. That’s when she found a new interest: architecture. Now she plans to attend college with the goal of becoming an architect.

“I had a period a couple of years ago where I didn’t really do a lot of artistic things, but I had this weird magnetic attraction to home renovation shows and just houses in general,” Madeleine said. “I would even go around in Warwick and look at all the nice houses. There are a lot of really amazing Victorians and Queen Annes around Warwick. And that kind of led to getting into art in a different way.”
“Architecture is a combination of things I really like,” Madeleine continued. “I’m a really technical person, so in terms of art, yes I am creative, but I also love structure. I like things to be concrete.  I think architecture is a nice blend of creativity and of just staying within the lines but also allowing yourself to have an element of freeness.”

Superintendent's Artist of the Week Madeleine Gawronski.

Last year Madeleine took Architectural Drawing I and Architecture II – Designing with Computers. This year she is taking Civil Engineering and Architecture, along with a ceramics class and the Portfolio and Art Careers class.

In her current architecture class, Madeleine and her classmates are designing a home for Habitat for Humanity. They are going to follow Habitat’s guidelines and make professional models and renderings.

Madeleine has already made two physical 3D models. The first one was a model of her house. The second was an interior model of her room, including working fairy lights, she created for a college application.

“Maddy is extremely creative and the nicest kid you would ever want to meet,” said her architecture teacher Rocco Manno. “She is a talented young lady. Maddy always has a smile on her face, and nothing makes your day better than having a student like that in your class.”

In addition to art and architecture, Madeleine has been involved with music and drama.

“Madeleine has been involved in the art and music departments since she was a freshman,” said art teacher Shari Blauner. “She is hard working, incredibly creative and has a great imagination. Madeleine is an extremely well-rounded, high-achieving individual. As a teacher, it is fascinating to watch her develop and execute her ideas. Her designs are always unique, and her craftsmanship is outstanding.”

Madeleine currently performs with the Meistersingers choir. She formerly played percussion in the wind ensemble but had to stop because of conflicts with her academic schedule. Her last performance with the Meistersingers was caroling outside of the Schervier Pavilion.

Madeleine has been involved in plays at school since seventh grade. She usually returns to the middle school to help with their productions by doing set design and backstage work. Last year she was in the high school drama and the musical, which the students performed just before the onset of the pandemic.

Madeleine is looking forward to returning to in-person classes in the high school later in January. She wants to glaze the wall pocket she made in ceramics class in the fall. Then in the spring, hopefully, she will be able to play on the golf team again.


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