Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Keene Eicher


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Keene Eicher

May 9, 2022

Warwick Valley Middle School seventh grader Keene Eicher is continuing his family’s artistic tradition.  His two older sisters – and his father – are talented artists. Keene’s own artwork was recently selected for the cover of the Warwick Children’s Advertiser.

“Keene could feel like he has big shoes to fill as his father and two older sisters all flourish in the visual arts,” WVMS art teacher Nicole Sisco said. “But Keene has risen to the challenge and he has proudly created his own artistic Eicher mark. Keene has truly created his own unique style that separates his work from the pack.”

Keene found out about the newspaper cover opportunity one day in art class. He took about 10 minutes to decide on a subject and had the rest of the period to complete his project with a thin marker and colored pencils.

“I was given the cover and pretty much told to draw something that represents Warwick, so I drew Town Hall,” said Keene, who also considered the Clocktower for his subject. “I didn’t know my drawing was picked for the cover until we got the newspaper at home.”

Keene started drawing at a young age. Having an artistic family means supplies are not a problem. He also sometimes gets critiques and tips, such as how to create realistic shadows, from his sisters and father.

Keene’s favorite subjects for his drawings are people and characters. He’s drawn his friends’ Dungeons and Dragons characters and filled a sketchbook with creatures from Star Wars. His favorite school art project this year was a watercolor sketch of three overlapping hands.

“I am so proud of Keene’s dedication to the visual arts and I genuinely hope to see him continue on as an artist in his own right after my WVMS class,” Ms. Sisco said. “I know great things lie ahead for this talented kid.”

Keene definitely wants to continue with art, possible in animation. As part of this Home and Careers course, he’s going to shadow an animator in New York City.

“Keene Eicher has excelled in the Home and Careers program here at the middle school,” said Home and Careers teacher Chelsea Fox. “His creative spirit and passion for learning new skills has driven him to excellence in his academics and hands-on activities. Keene is known by his peers as being creative, positive and encouraging. We are lucky to have Keene in our Wildcat family.”

Keene also does stop-motion animation with Legos as a hobby. He started with a free app on his phone but recently moved up to the Dragonframe program on his computer. 

Keene’s favorite classes at WVMS include science and French. He’s been on the High Honor Roll for the first three marking periods and will be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on May 10.

In addition to his art and academics, Keene is a member of the WVMS chorus and plays travel soccer.

Superintendent's Artist of the Week: Keene Eicher


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