Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Fiona Cullen


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Fiona Cullen

February 1, 2023

Sanfordville Elementary School fourth grader Fiona Cullen demonstrates her artistic talents by painting, playing the clarinet and Irish dancing. 

“Fiona is a dedicated artist who loves to create,” said Sanfordville art teacher Leah Mednick.  “She loves to draw, paint, and sculpt. Fiona is always bringing art work in from home to share with me and her classmates. She is really proud of everything she does.”

Fiona creates artwork in her room at home, where she has lots of art supplies. She likes to use acrylic paints, and shae hangs up some of the best paintings in her room.

“Nature is my favorite subject, like trees and sunsets,” said Fiona, whose goal is to become an art teacher herself. “I like making something that I can hang up. It makes me feel happy to do it.”

Fiona’s favorite art project so far this year is a plaster avocado character she made at Sanfordville Art Club. Ms. Mednick blew up balloons for the students to use to make monsters. Fiona picked out a small green balloon, put plaster on it and painted it to look like an avocado.

Fiona also displays her artistic talents outside of the art classroom, according to her teacher Ms. Augelli.

“Fiona demonstrates her creativity during group projects in the classroom and puts time and effort into any drawings or work she completes,” Ms. Augelli said. “She is always polite and willing to help others. I’m so glad she was recognized for this.”

In music, Fiona has fun playing the clarinet. She picked the instrument because she thought it looked cool. She and the rest of the fourth graders in band are currently preparing for their concert in March.

“Fiona has a wide variety of interests and I’m glad that clarinet is one of them,” said Sanfordville music teacher and band director Mr. Muehlbauer. “Fiona thrives on a challenge and loves to be ‘put on the spot’ where she has to play for others. In clarinet lessons, she is always the first to ask to play the assignment as a solo and really tries to be her best at all times.”

“Fiona isn’t the type of student who is afraid to make mistakes in band lessons,” Mr. Muehlbauer continued. “She will stick to an assignment until she feels that she is playing it up to the standard she has set for herself. This is a great mindset to have in music and will certainly apply elsewhere as well.”

Fiona practices with the Sheahan Gormley School of Irish Dance once or twice a week. She also goes to competitions, where she has earned  two second-place finishes. Fiona finds that the energy involved in Irish Dance makes her calmer.

Sanfordville Elementary School fourth grader Fiona Cullen.

Sanfordville Elementary School fourth grader Fiona Cullen on Jan. 20, 2023.


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