Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Emma Fontaine


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Emma Fontaine

March 26, 2021

Sanfordville Elementary School fourth grader Emma Fontaine loves to make art and then use that art for a good cause or as a gift. Emma is currently getting ready to sell some of her paintings and donate the money to the Warwick Humane Society.

“I’m going to call it my Spring Sale,” said Emma, who is in a PIE 3-4 class at Sanfordville. “I’m going to set up a table in my front yard and put some prices on them and hopefully people will come by to buy”

Last winter, Emma sold her own Christmas cards and crafts to raise money for the Humane Society so the animals there could get some presents. Emma first connected with the Warwick Humane Society in preschool when her class made treats and brought them to the animals.

“In preschool, that’s kind of where it all started,” Emma said.  “I really enjoyed see the kitties (not the doggies because it was bath time) eating the treats and enjoying them. It was still heartbreaking to leave, but not as heartbreaking since I gave a little to them.”

Emma does her acrylic paintings on canvases at home. In the beginning of the school year, she made a painting of cactuses for her teacher, Veronica DeGuisto, that is now hanging up in the classroom. She also painted a colorful sunset for her father, because he likes the beach.

“Emma is a funny kid and very bubbly,” Ms. DeGuisto said. “She is very smart and works really hard. She is always crafting, drawing, painting and making things! Art is in her nature.”

Emma’s favorite art projects in school include making a pop up word book as part of the district’s One School One Book program, which this year featured “The Word Collector”. Emma chose the word “creative” because she felt it best fit her.

“This student is passionate about art,” Sanfordville art teacher Leah Mednick said. “Emma is always discussing ideas with me and sharing what she has created at home. She is thoughtful and confident in the artful decisions she makes. I have known Emma for many years. It has been such a pleasure to watch her grow as an artist.”

Emma also enjoys performing in plays. Last year in Sanfordville’s production of “The Little Mermaid”, she was Adella, one of Ariel’s sisters, and had two solos. Earlier in March, she played Snoopy in the Acting Out Playhouse production of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.

In addition to art, Emma enjoys math. She also skis on the Mount Peter racing team.

“I’m definitely good at math, so it makes it kind of easy and fun,” Emma said. ”I like when you have to add and multiply, but not long division. I do not like that. Or fractions, but the rest is pretty cool.”


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