Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Emily Buliung


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Emily Buliung

June 25, 2021

Warwick Valley High School sophomore Emily Buliung spent a lot of time this year working with a middle school music teacher on an elementary school play.

Emily is a talented musician herself, but one of her biggest accomplishments this school year was editing the video for the Park Avenue Elementary School production of “Annie Kids”.

“In reality, she is the saving grace of the Park Avenue Drama Club movie production,” said WVMS music teacher and “Annie Kids” producer Christy Brown. “She deserves all of the recognition we can give her. I seriously don’t know what we would have done without her time, energy and attention to detail.”

Emily organized and edited more than 1,000 clips and hundreds of gigabytes of video to create the final product that was shown both online and at the Warwick Drive-In Theater.  She worked on the project almost every day after school.

“I was there to help film, I helped with a little bit of the casting process and helped the kids during rehearsals as well, so months and months of preparation and then probably two to three months of editing,” Emily said. “We had to make sure it was a really good quality video too because they showed it on the drive-in screen.”

Emily taught herself to use iMovie when she was in fifth grade because she wanted to make YouTube videos like the ones she was watching. After a while, Emily moved up to Final Cut Pro, a professional video editing program that she used for “Annie Kids” this year as well as for the Park Avenue Veterans Day video and the Moving Up ceremonies last year.

“I think I’ve finally decided that I do want to go into music as a career,” Emily said. “I’m currently thinking about music or movie production because of the things I’ve been doing recently, like the Park Avenue Drama Club movie.”

Emily has been involved in music for most of her life. She started piano lessons when she was 18 months old, learning with colored stickers on the keys. Next fall Emily will be playing the cello with the WVHS Chamber Orchestra and singing with the Meistersingers. She’s also in a rock and roll band called “Identity Crisis”.

“Music is basically my entire life,” Emily said. “I’ve been doing it forever and whenever I play music, it just fills me a really happy feeling. I love to perform, so it just kind of fulfills me in a way.”

Besides editing the Park Avenue production video, Emily was part of the cast of the WVHS production of “Songs for a New World” last month. She was in the ensemble and was a narrator. But if you watched the video, you saw Emily singing a solo. She stood in for a senior who could not make the filming that day. So in the video you see Emily but hear the senior singing.


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