Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Brynn Hasbrouck


Superintendent’s Artist of the Week: Brynn Hasbrouck

October 14, 2020

Park Avenue Elementary School second grader Brynn Hasbrouck made a good impression right from the start of the school year with art teacher Julie Cosco.

“The very first day of art, I needed a pencil,” Ms. Cosco said. “Brynn immediately came to my rescue and ever since she’s been a shining star. She’s helpful and thoughtful and very friendly.”

Park Avenue Principal Bill Biniaras describes Brynn as a very inquisitive student who always asks many questions.

 “She wants to know much more than what is on the surface and digs deep to find out what makes things work,” Mr. Biniaras said. “On top of these and many other amazing traits, including her artistic ability, Brynn is always willing to help her friends cheer up when they are down.”

The first art project of the year was to draw a spider web in the style of abstract artist Piet Mondrian. The first day Brynn drew the outline of the web in the classroom.  She started coloring parts of the web in the next class, which took place in one of Park Avenue’s outdoor classrooms.

“We are studying the work of artist Piet Mondrian, and Brynn has been very interested in him,” Ms. Cosco said. “She even looked up his artwork at home with her aunt to show her who he was.”

Brynn said she likes Mondrian’s art because it has lots of patterns. And although Brynn included a spider in her drawing, actual spiders are not her favorite creatures.

“They creep me out,” Brynn said. “But I love seeing the spider webs outside when it rains and the sun hits them in the morning.”

Art is one of Brynn’s favorite subjects. She also draws at home, usually pictures of characters, like Darth Vader, from movies that she has watched. The best artwork she does at the dining room table gets displayed on the refrigerator.

Brynn also enjoys music class and writing assignments in school. Outside of school, sports are a favorite activity. She has played on soccer and basketball teams, and hopes to try volleyball next. Brynn also likes football, specifically football at John S. Burke Catholic High School, where her father is the coach.

“I’m also the head cheerleader, even though I don’t go there because it’s a high school,” Brynn said. “And guess what. I also got an award for cheer. I actually went to the awards dinner with my mom.”

Artist of the Week Brynn Hasbrouck

Artist of the Week Brynn Hasbrouck with her Mondrian drawing at Park Avenue Elementary School on Oct. 5, 2020.


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